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Wheel-in Virginia feedback
« on: April 14, 2008, 01:28:52 pm »
I would like to thank all the participants for supporting United Four Wheel Drive Associations by attending the Wheel-in Virginia event!

United Four Wheel Drive Associations works very hard to keep the trails open for all of you and we appreciate the support that you gave to us this weekend by attending the Wheel-in! You did your part to make a difference by attending the event. If you are interested in finding out others ways to help United Four Wheel Drive Associations please contact us at 1-800-44UFWDA (1-800-448-3932).

As you know, this was the Inaugural Wheel-in event. It was an effort on our part to highlight the social aspect of four wheeling and get back to our roots. United Four Wheel Drive Associations started as a social group and later expanded to trail conservation. UFWDA wanted to get back to those roots while moving forward as a corporation.

The Wheel-in was an effort to get back to the days of the sit-in when people would speak up and fight for the cause they were passionate about, hence the tie dye t-shirts. The t-shirts were to remind us of those days in the sixties when everyone got involved. Our passion at UFWDA is saving the trails for the sport of four wheeling and we appreciate your support in those efforts.

UFWDA will be sending an email to the participants of the Wheel-in describing what land use efforts we are currently involved in. If you are interested in getting involved further with saving trails please contact us.

Please send any feedback about the Wheel-in to me at so that we can make it the best event possible. Send all of your feedback, positive and negative, so that we can make sure that you have the best four wheeling experience.

We appreciate your attendance and all of your support. It was more than just a trail ride, it was an opportunity for like minded people to get together to support what we are all passionate about, four wheeling. So while you may not enjoy the politics involved with land use issues, you did your part this weekend to make a difference by participating.
Thank you so much and see you in Texas!