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UFWDA, in partnership with BlueRibbon Coalition, is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and convication of the person(s) responsible for the vandalism of symbolic fencing resource protection signs and missing Carsonite® signs located in an area on the ocean side of Hatteras Island, about .8 of a mile north of Buxton in a pedestrian use only zone, within Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  The vandalism took place on or around May 16, 2008.

According to the National Park Service investigation, 20 fence posts had been broken, five signs pulled out of the sand, and three Carsonite® closure signs were missing.  The ranger documented one set of bare footprints going from post to post on the beach and then into the dune area.  The footprints entered the closure area; however, the nest appeared undisturbed.  Over 1,300 feet of fencing was damaged on the west side of the dune and about 274 feet combined on the north and south sides on the open beach. 

A recent court approved Consent Degree requires the National Park Service to automatically expand the closure area by 50 meters where a confirmed deliberate act disturbs or harasses wildlife or vandalizes fencing, nests, or plants.  Any violation to the enclosure and any violation of the consent decree impacts ORV users, even in areas where ORV use is currently prohibited.  The vandal(s) action leading to the subsequent enclosure enlargement have not caused harm to the birds but have caused additional harm to the businesses and ORV community recreating and fishing at Cape Hatteras!

Anyone having information please contact either

United Four Wheel Drive Associations
(757) 546-7969


BlueRibbon Coalition
(208) 237-1008

Each person submitting a tip will receive a code number for them to use in tracking the status of their tip. Tips made to UFWDA can be made anonymously, no caller ID is used and caller need not identify themselves. 

Or contact Ranger David Carter of the National Park Service, at 252-475-8326, P.O. Box 190, Buxton, NC 27920
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