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Southern Four Wheel Drive Association - DIXIE RUN 2008

In the southeast when you think of premier four wheel drive events the Dixie Run automatically comes to mind as the number one event east of the Mississippi.  This year amid the controversy concerning the Upper Tellico OHV Area, there has been speculation that the event will not be held.  Well folks, it is Dixie Run time again! 

Greg Griffith who has been coordinating this event for over twenty years likes to call it “a little event known as the Dixie Run”.  This event started with humble beginnings over twenty two years ago in McNabb Creek Campground.  As the event has grown over the years it is now in its present location located just outside of Murphy, NC and has quickly become what I believe to be the “Dixie Run Experience”.  I cannot take credit for that statement however.  Bob Yarbrough, former President of Southern, and now Past President, coined that phrase a few years ago and it is certainly a true statement. 

There is a great atmosphere when amongst the four wheel drive faithful who make the trek every year from all over the southeast and even the entire country to be a part of this event.   It is seeing people you may not see but once year at the Dixie Run and playing catch up and the enthusiasm of first timers who vow to be back next year. It is the sounds of vehicles being repaired at all hours of the night, the smell of campfires mixed with the smells of various meals being cooked.  It is the sounds of laughter and conversations mixing as trail stories are being told.  It is vendors, raffles, silent auctions, and the sense of purpose knowing the real reason of the event and that is to support the trail maintenance that Southern Four Wheel Drive Association has done over the years and still does today.  It is the dedication of the many volunteers that it takes to pull an event of this magnitude off.  It is all of these things and more all set in a beautiful area that regardless of where you travel, it is hard to beat.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention the four wheeling!

As mentioned, the purpose of the Dixie Run event is a fund raiser to support the trail maintenance we do.   This year it goes even deeper.  With the issues facing the Tellico area, this event is critically important this year not only from the Southern and Rescue Tellico financial standpoint but to remind the businesses in the Murphy and surrounding area just how much an event like the Dixie Run brings in revenue to their area and the following the sport of four wheeling has. 

So we look forward to seeing your there!  If you are a repeat attendee welcome back!  If you have always wanted to go but never have, now is the time to come on down! Check out the web site,, for details. Come support Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, Rescue Tellico, and all of the other Off Highway areas we help support and enjoy the fun fellowship of the event.

See you there.

Gary Parsons
President Southern Four Wheel Drive Association
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