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Re: Clarification Requested
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To further clarify here are some final comments on the issues raised in this thread.

Issue:  There still seems to be no answer regarding Marti's $6K commission on income generated at the Wheel-In.

Marti was responsible for organizing the VA Wheel-in in its entirety.  When the board of directors approved the project they gave careful consideration to how Marti would be compensated for the development of this project, knowing that time spent on the Wheel-in would reduce time spent, thus income earned, on other business development sales.  The board approved a commission equal to 30% of all vendor fees and registration fees.  Commission was not earned on any memberships created through the registration process

Issue:  The UFWDA leadership believes there are some things that should not be discussed with the general membership.

Individual contracts are reviewed by UFWDA legal counsel.  After it is signed, the contracts become confidential to the individual and the BOD.

Issue:  Attempts to offer assistance were refused well before any of the personal discussions turned sour.

Information was requested  on 15 Nov and again later requesting the submission of a package outlining his plan for helping UFWDA.   Specific information requested includes the specifics on ad size for the One Tank of Gas Challenge and membership info to place in the Utah newsletter.  

Issue:  The offer for volunteer assistance in collecting on these and any other unfulfilled business pledges.

This offer was appreciated.  However, UFWDA has identified a greater need for volunteer efforts in promoting private sector membership in UFWDA, including but not limited to members within regional groups.  UFWDA would be very grateful for any volunteer assistance in the private sector venue rather than business dues.  Anyone interested in assisting should contact me, directly at

Issue:  Are there any contractors at UFWDA who are paid a commission based on gross receipts?

No, a 30% commission is paid for business membership sales, advertising sales, and "net proceeds" of organized events.

Issue:  If business sponsorship pledges receive only 25% fulfillment, why doesn't UFWDA take advantage of volunteers offering their time to help with this problem?

This question has been answered, and the stated answer was "UFWDA is always open to opportunities to receive assistance on a volunteer basis. Clearly though, any offers are evaluated to ensure that the individual has experience that will benefit UFWDA and will be a good fit within the current team."  Furthermore, non-fulfillment of business pledges is not the problem that needs addressed.  UFWDA identified, through the October E-news, a slowing economy and reluctance on the part of affected businesses to spend advertising and promotion money as a key component to unfulfilled business pledges.  Unfulfilled pledges are NOT a result of lack of competence on the part of the sales staff at UFWDA.       

Issue:  Why does UFWDA repeatedly claim it does not require any assistance in selling advertising or business memberships even though the production of The Voice is losing ~$38,000/year?

The stated figure in your question is incorrect.  The 2008 net production cost of the Voice thus far is $19,645.28.  Also, the advertising to content ratio established by the business development director, publication design and layout editor, and the board of directors has been met.  Simply stated, all the available advertising space in the Voice is sold, therefore, additional sales staff or volunteers for advertising is not needed. 

Issue:  Specific information requested;

Job descriptions for currently defined contractor and employee positions.

The job descriptions for contractors can be found in the UFWDA Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on the UFWDA website at:  UFWDA has no wage-earner employees. 
Copies of existing contractor agreements in place for currently active contractors:

Finalized contracts will remain confidential between the contractor(s) and the Board of Directors.  However, annual compensation and job descriptions are publicly available.


Copies of any proposed contractor agreements for unfulfilled positions (if any).

There are no proposed agreements.  There are no unfulfilled positions available at this time.  There are three income-earning positions envisioned in the business plans that are currently unfulfilled land planning specialist, administrative officer, and Executive Director. 

Should there be any further outstanding questions I woul dbe happy to address them with anyone on an individual basis.

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Re: Clarification Requested
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