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Thank you, UFWDA!
« on: November 25, 2008, 11:39:22 pm »
Here in the US, we're getting ready to celebrate a day of thanks. When you look at some of the things going on around us, it can be a bit difficult to appreciate all the things we have to be thankful about.
I checked the value of my 401(k) and stock portfolio and I appreciate the entire $4.23 value it still has. At least I still have a job and with falling prices, I could cash out and put it all into gasoline...granted it would be less than 1/4 tank but it's more than the gallon I could have bought in July!! My mortgage company isn't calling me but they will still take my calls.
Although Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is in the House, I rest comfortable knowing she isn't supposed to be representing me and possibly her home district may eventually see the light and vote her out of office even if her colleagues choose to leave her in the damaging position of power where she now resides. I am thankful for the democratic process that allows her to represent someone, even if I disagree with them. Cheap and snide shots aside, the real reason for this post follows.

I was on the phone tonight with a 4x4 club near me. Although they have been around for a while, they haven't joined any larger groups but are seriously considering doing so. In talking with them, I was reminded of all the things that UFWDA provides for which I am thankful.
  • Volunteers who share our love of the sport and recognize the need to preserve our opportunities.
  • Professional staff who provide services such as event organization, a great magazine and legal advice/services
  • Volunteers who put in countless hours teaching others
  • Volunteers who are often unseen who research and share information on hearings, meetings, comments periods and grants so I don't have to
  • Talented individuals who share their experience and lessons learned so we don't have to re-invent wheels (all 4 of them) whenever we try to stage an event, apply for a grant, or change a policy
  • Teachers who devise and share courses like the 4 Wheel Drive Awareness program
  • Concerned individuals who organize and share the Trail Patrol program
  • Web savvy folks who put time into developing websites and moderating forums
  • Volunteers who have Patience when we beat the poor dead horses and will explain it one more time even though its been answered more times than anyone remembers
  • The seemingly tireless who see a change in national leadership as an opportunity to rally the troops rather than a sign of lost ground
  • An organization which will take my lone voice against the wilderness designation and join it with many others to raise the volume too loud to be ignored
  • Thanks to United and all its members, there is still a trail or two where I can take my 1/4 tank of gasoline and use it in natural surroundings in 4 Low instead of creeping along the expressway (at about the same pace) watching brakelights

Thank you! and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Re: Thank you, UFWDA!
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2008, 02:53:08 am »
Thank you Keith, for your thoughts and support. (note... support Keith in his push to be CEO of Citibank, at least he's still got his investment!)
UFWDA could not exist without core members like you and who excuse us the occasional frailty in managing this valuable organization. There are a lot of 'shareholders'  for any management team to keep placated and still focus on the the present and the future. It looks like an immediate future with many challenges for our recreation too.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all in the USA.

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Re: Thank you, UFWDA!
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2008, 06:15:31 am »
Amen Keith!  Thanks to all of you behind the scenes and to those in standing up on the United "stage".  Know that your hours of dedication you give to the sport of fourwheeling are very much appreciated.  I enjoy getting out and fourwheeling on the trails you help open and protect, seeing the scenery, hanging out with friends and family, and watching my children learn to do the same. 

Besides, the lowrider scene just ain't me. ;)