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SFWDA Economic Stimulus Plan
« on: February 04, 2009, 10:10:18 pm »
While our CongressCritters phiddle around with the future of our economy, SFWDA has decided to do our own little Economic Stimulus Plan.  Southern Trailfest this year is May 1-3 at Grayrock ORV Area.  This year, Trailfest price is the same as last year (and the two years before), and that alone is a good deal.  But this year, <drum roll, please> your SFWDA President and Vice-President worked very hard and put together something special: with TF registration you will get --at NO additional cost-- access to the XRRA Eastern Division Competition being held at Grayrock during both days of Trailfest!

Here's the details:

If you are interested in Trailfest 09, please consider pre-registering online, because the onsite registration price will be substantially higher than the pre-registration price.

We need some folks to help work the usual: registration, tech inspection etc, and with the XRRA event going on simultaneously, we will need some additional help with spectator control.  I REALLY need some help pulling the raffle together!

If your club wants to raise some $$$ by selling a meal at the event, please let me know.  If your club or civic organization (high school band, etc) wants to try some other fund-raising activity at this event (donuts in the morning, bag lunches, a garage band, onsite engine rebuild services,
whatever!) please let me know.

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