Author Topic: Pirate 4x4 letter campaign a success for Tellico  (Read 1925 times)

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Pirate 4x4 letter campaign a success for Tellico
« on: March 30, 2009, 12:53:56 pm »
Hi all!
I just wanted to let all of you know that we had a VERY sucessfull letter campaign with the letter generator for the Upper Tellico OHV area. members managed to rack up 937 substantive comments!
The real cool part about this is that we did not do a "form letter" this time that people could just cut and paste!  We listed "talking" points and asked people to create thier own letters and arguments with the talking points listed.  There were also several threads on Pirate that had different idea on what people could say.
Many people on stepped up to the plate on this one, not only in writing letters, but in getting the word out and helping people construct thier letters.
The REAL HERO on this one however, is a guy named Benjamin Ingleburger from Manchester TN. (Shadetree6969 on
This guy managed to send in 113 comments on the EA thru the generator. ALL of them were solid, well thought out arguments and VERY well written. Several of his letters were very lengthy and backed with evidence and citations.
Is there someway we could recoginse this guy offically thru one of your guy's organizations?  I realise that there are a lot of people doing a lot of work for Tellico, but if we can recognise some of the "grass roots" guys like this guy, it would really pay off in the future by motivating others to become active in land-use issues.
Del always told me: people love recognition, so if they deserve it, give it to them!
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