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Voice delay
« on: April 16, 2009, 04:10:05 am »
There are some questions circulating about the UFWDA Voice publication.

In the April edition of e-News Wayne Groom explains:

The current economic hardship is being felt by everyone in one way or another. This of course includes all of the stakeholders in UFWDA, including our members and supporting business members. Clearly, as in all businesses, this translates into a slow down and reduction in the revenue stream.

Probably two of the most significant costs to UFWDA are also its greatest assets, specifically the VOICE and our legislative attorney. The current edition of the Voice has been delayed due to the these circumstances but in the meantime we look for a viable and more cost effective digital alternative to continue the important communication with our membership, while continuing to support our business members.

In the near term we grow increasingly reliant on e-News and we need your help with that by asking your organizations to provide
UFWDA with what email lists they might have and asking other members to subscribe to these e-News bulletins through the 'button' on
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