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Angela's Revenge 4 X 4 Road Rally, Madison, Indiana 3/7/2010
« on: January 26, 2010, 11:51:15 am »
What: Angela's  Revenge  4 X 4  Road  Rally

Where: Madison,  Indiana

When: Sunday,  March  7,  2010

Who: Open  to  all  four  wheel  drive  vehicles.  50  vehicle  limit.

What: A  65  mile  four  wheel  drive  road  course  on  the  back  roads  of  Jefferson  County,  Indiana.  Includes  several  stream  crossings  up  to  18"  deep  plus  driving  up  and  down  a  public  road  known  as  Angela's  Revenge.

Cost: $45.00  per  vehicle.

Sponsored  by: Jake  Sweeney  Jeep  of  Cincinnati,  Ohio. 

Road  course  designed  by:  Scenic  Road  Rallies,  LLC  of  Sunman,  Indiana. 

To  view  pictures  from  last  years  road  course, go  to:

Very  family  oriented.  Bring  your  wife  and  kids!

For  a  flyer  with  full  details, go  to:  or  call  812-623-5727  with  questions  or  to  pre-register.

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Was curious if anyone from Evansville Indiana does any kind of trail ridding or rock crawling within the area.
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