Author Topic: Big Cypress National Preserve Superintendent Defends "Addition" Lands ORV Use  (Read 2832 times)

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Amidst charges that he circumvented National Park Service policies on wilderness preservation to provide greater off-road vehicle access to Big Cypress National Preserve, Superintendent Pedro Ramos offers a short history lesson.

The south Florida preserve that covers more than 720,000 acres has a management mandate that differs from that of a "national park," he notes. While oil and gas exploration are not allowed in national parks, it and other uses, such as hunting, trapping, and even ORV use, are permissible in Big Cypress, the superintendent said last week.

ďI like to tell people itís not just different uses, itís a different mandate from Congress, and itís not up to us to change the mandate from Congress to manage this place differently than national parks," Superintendent Ramos said during a telephone call.

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Big Cypress Natural Preserve official site
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It sure is nice to see common sense management practices!
I hope Floridian 4x4 enthusiasts are out in droves supporting this guy.
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