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UFWDA generalized statement of position on FLREA
« on: February 15, 2011, 04:45:47 am »
The UFWDA legal counsel, Carla Boucher  advises....The current authorization will expire in a few years and many recreation groups (motorized and non-motorized) are working through the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) to develop a position and recommendations for amendment to the current federal law governing recreation fee areas FLREA.  When FLREA was enacted in 2004, UFWDA worked on the issue to ensure that the needs of our members were represented.  I did a poll to determine the opinions of our members on paying fees to recreate.  The polls were responded to evenly by both UFWDA members and non-members.  The people who opposed fees usually did not use such areas.  The people who used fee areas to recreate resoundingly approved of the fee, provided the fees were retained in the area to sustain the recreation and provide improvements when possible.

A PDF copy of the letter regarding the  Position of National OHV Groups Regarding the Federal Lands Recreation
Enhancement Act (FLREA) is attached.
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