Author Topic: Letters Work - Texas Gets New OHV Park Project  (Read 3368 times)

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Letters Work - Texas Gets New OHV Park Project
« on: January 27, 2006, 04:18:44 pm »
TMTC in Texas was granted money to open a new off-road park.. but has been fighting the NIMBY (Not im my back yard) in order to actually get the funds.. and when they finally thought they had all the hurdles cleared one land owner hired a lawyer to delay the state's process. Here are the results of that delay.

The letters carried it and made it pass.  There is more to the story but here is a really condensed version.

__________________________________________________ __

In the November 2005 meeting, the Commission delayed consideration of this request and instructed the staff to further consider concerns raised by landowners neighboring the site. Certified letters were mailed to these landowners inviting them to express their concerns and offering to meet with them. On December 14, 2005, staff met with representatives of all surrounding (note: not adjacent) property owners with the exception of one. Those attending the meeting indicated that they were all firmly opposed to the TMTC proposal, and stated that there were no conditions under which the would support the project.  (note: however one of the two families who actually share fence line is please with the TMTC project).

Since the November Commission meeting staff have received over 1,300 pieces of various types of correspondence supporting the project.

It is the position of the staff that this project will address the needs and directives identified by the Texas Legislature in Senate Bills 155 and 1311 and helps satisfy the 30 percent motorized trail funding condition of the National Recreational Trails Fund and the project should be approved.

III. Recommendation:The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"Funding for the Texas Motorized Trail Coalition proposal to acquire 3,323 acres in Crockett County for the purposes of developing a public off-highway vehicle recreation area in the amount of $1,359,500 is approved."
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