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Follows is the Legislative Colleagues Letter currently making its' way around Wisconsin's State Capitol in Madison, WI.

The Wisconsin Governor's State Trails Council advises the DNR on matters related to the management of trails in Wisconsin. Over the past few decades, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of motorized vehicles making use of the state trail network. LRB 3235 will increase the number of representatives on the council to eleven and specify that at least four members of the council represent users of motorized vehicles.

If you are interested in signing onto LRB 0659, please respond to this email, or call Rep. Mursau's office at 266-3780 by May 31, 2011.

Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Under current law, the State Trails Council (council) advises the Department of Natural Resources regarding the planning, acquisition, development, and management of state trails. The council consists of nine members, appointed by the governor for four−year terms, who are knowledgeable in various recreational uses of trails.

This bill expands the membership of the council from 9 to 15 members, and requires four of the members to be nonvoting members. The bill requires the secretaries, or their designees, of the Department of Transportation, the Department of Tourism, and the Department of Natural Resources to serve as nonvoting members of the council. The bill requires the fourth nonvoting member to be a person with expertise with regard to accessibility challenges for individuals with physical disabilities.

The bill also requires that the 11 voting members of the council each represent a specific interest group. Those groups include snowmobile operators, all−terrain vehicle operators, off−road motorcycle operators, equestrians, cross−country skiers, and hikers.

WOHVA encourages all Wisconsin motorized recreation enthusiasts to contact their respective Representatives in the Wisconsin State Assembly and urge them to co-sponsor this vitally important legislation.  The actual proposed legislation (LRB 0659) is attached to this post for your review.  Those who have been watching this project will note how closely this proposal reflects the orginal proposal submitted by WOHVA 4 years ago.
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