Author Topic: Arizona fire impacts to wildlife and outdoor recreation  (Read 1328 times)

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Arizona fire impacts to wildlife and outdoor recreation
« on: June 12, 2011, 12:30:49 am »
Report from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Arizona is currently experiencing one of its worst wildfire seasons on record. As of June 10, 2011, the Wallow Fire in eastern Arizona, which began on May 29, has burned about 400,000 acres, making it the second-worst wildfire in the state’s history thus far. The fire is five percent contained as of this writing.

Two other major wildfires are also burning in the state: the Horseshoe Two Fire, which began May 8 and has consumed more than 125,000 acres in the southeast part of the state (40 percent contained as of June 10), and the Murphy Fire, which began May 30 and has burned more than 65,000 acres in the southern part of the state (75 percent contained as of June 10). The state is extremely dry and is at high risk of other wildfires until summer monsoon rains arrive.

Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the communities that have been so significantly impacted by these fires, and our heartfelt thanks go to the firefighters and support personnel who are diligently working to bring these fires under control. Game and Fish currently has more than 30 wildlife officers working with the incident management teams or local law enforcement in support of the firefighting efforts.

Hunters, anglers, wildlife watchers and other outdoor recreationists will undoubtedly have questions about what impact the fires will have on wildlife, hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational opportunities in those areas. We have developed a new web page with information that may answer some of your questions. New and updated information will continue to be added to this web page as it becomes available.

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