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The BLM proposes to change the  off-highway vehicle (OHV) designation within the Spruce Mountain Area
from the existing ``open'' designation of unrestricted cross-country  travel for OHV use to a ``limited'' OHV designation. A total of 1,799  miles of roads have been inventoried within the Spruce Mountain Area. A
designation for OHV use in the area would be limited to only those routes that are designated through this process, but could include the following types of limitations: Mode of travel, time or season of use,
vehicle type, and administrative use. A Notice of Travel Restriction to Off Road Vehicles is in effect for this area until new land use planning is completed and a record of decision is issued (71 FR 77:20725, April 21, 2006). The BLM is also proposing to designate the Spruce Mountain Area as an Extensive Recreation Management Area (ERMA), which will also be evaluated in the EA. Management actions in an ERMA
would allow for motorized and non-motorized recreation opportunities, while also interpreting and protecting valuable cultural sites; protecting crucial mule deer and sage grouse habitat; and providing for visitor health and safety. The environmental analysis will include other recreation management issues that relate to cultural, historic,
and wildlife resources.

For the full notice read

DATES: This notice initiates the public scoping process for the
amendment to the Wells RMP and associated EA. Comments on issues may be
submitted until August 29, 2011. The date(s) and location(s) of any
scoping meeting(s) to be held within the 45-day scoping period, will be
announced at least 30 days in advance through local news media outlets,
mailings to interested individuals, and on the BLM Elko Web site at: The BLM will
provide additional opportunities for public participation and comment
upon publication of the EA. Comments may be submitted in writing to the
address listed below. Associated planning documents may be viewed on
the BLM Elko Web site, or may be requested in a printed or electronic
copy format by contacting the Wells Field Office at the address and
phone number listed below.

ADDRESSES: You may submit comments on issues and planning criteria
related to the proposed amendment to the Wells RMP and associated EA by
any of the following methods:
     Fax: (775) 753-0255.
     Mail: Bureau of Land Management, Spruce Mountain Area
Planning, Wells Field Office, 3900 E. Idaho Street, Elko, Nevada 89801.
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