Author Topic: Farmington BLM Publishes Notice of Intent to Amend the Glade Run Recreation Area  (Read 2332 times)

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The Farmington BLM has published a Notice of Intent to prepare a Resource Management Plan (RMP) Amendment and associated Environmental Assessment for the Glade Run Recreation Area located on 21,544 acres in San Juan County, New Mexico.  The 'Notice of Intent' serves as the official start of the NEPA scoping process. The purpose of the scoping process is to help the BLM determine which issues it will explore and what alternatives it will develop for consideration. The BLM has never made any serious attempt to implement the last management plan. Now they claim that 'changes' in the use and increased 'user conflicts' require a 'new' and more restrictive plan for motorized use.

What is the Glade Run Recreation Area?

The Glade Run Recreation Area is over 20,000 acres of prime slickrock and juniper/pinon covered canyons immediately northwest of the City of Farmington in the Four Corners area of the southwest. The Glade Run Recreation Area is probably better known as Chokecherry Canyon. Chokecherry Canyon is generally recognized as one of the premier extreme rock crawling locations in the world. It has received international acclaim from extensive media coverage and from its frequent use on the national rock crawling competition circuit. It is also the home of great single track motorcycle/mountain bike and ATV trails.

What does this mean?

This means that the BLM is considering changing OHV designations in the Glade Run Recreation Area on the northwest corner of Farmington. The BLM is considering making changes to OHV area designations and a travel network of routes for specified uses within the planning area. This means that they are considering additional limits on who can ride where and what vehicles will be allowed in what areas and on what trails.

Why is this important?

Non-motorized users of the area have been putting pressure on the BLM to further restrict or remove motorized use from areas in the Glade. The City of Farmington (with support from land owners who own private land nearby) is trying to acquire land for future growth of the City. Quite frankly, the opposition to motorized use in the Glade has been loud and the BLM is starting to listen. We need to make sure that they hear from all of the motorized users out there also. Scoping is the start of your official opportunity to let the BLM know how important the Glade/Chokecherry is to motorized recreation.

What is Scoping and what should my comments say?

Scoping comments are to let the BLM know what concerns the public has about motorized use in this area and what they want to see considered in any changes to the current management. There is no formal 'structure' required for the comments. Tell them what you like to do at the Glade/Chokecherry, why the Glade/Chokecherry is important to you, what type of management changes you would like to see, etc.

BLM will announce the dates and locations of any scoping meeting at least 15 days in advance through the local media and at the BLM Farmington Field Office website .

Scoping comments must be submitted by August 14, 2011. Comments may be submitted by email to:

FFO_Comments@blm.govBy fax to: 505-599-8999, Attention: Outdoor Recreation Planner;

By mail to:

Attention: Outdoor Recreation Planner
1235 La Plata Highway
Farmington, New Mexico 87401

For further information, please contact Janelle Alleman, Outdoor Recreation Planner, at 505-599-8944 or at
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