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DCNR 2011 Trail Summit Rescheduled to 10/23-25
« on: September 22, 2011, 11:32:11 am »

PEC/DCNR 2011 Pennsylvania Greenways & Trail Summit Rescheduled too 10/23 - 25

Hey Guy’s, It looks like you get one more bite at the Golden Apple since the September Summit was rescheduled due to inclement weather. Someone in Harrisburg must like you to give you another opportunity to ACT-UP a little for our need of Shared Access for Motorized Recreation here in the Commonwealth………..

From my conversations with a few of the guy’s from the other Motorized Sects it seems that you the Four Wheel Driving / 4x4 Licensed Motorized Vehicle Guy’s are being left behind once more because you cannot get yourselves organized. The Guy’s from BigRubbers’ took time from work to travel from the Windber Area of Somerset & Cambria Counties to Cranberry Twp. Butler County to speak on the Various Panels………

As well as the support of several other Western Pa 4x4 Clubs e.g. Triangle Four Wheeler the Pittsburgh Area, Rocks & Roost the Ridgeway Area and we even drew support from a Contingent of Stagger 4x4 Club Guy’s from Grafton WV. Who wanted a firsthand experience with organizing a Trails Symposium since they will be doing the same thing in their home state in the very near future if they can stay on track………..

The  PEC/DCNR 2011 Pennsylvania Greenways & Trails Summit, October 23rd through the 25th, the PaOHV has been asked to take the lead on this one and will be making a presentation (which they left you out of). Let’s see if we can ACT-UP and get a larger turnout then we had at the October 2010 Symposium where the Coalition for Shared Access for Motorized Recreation was 40% of the 165 Participants’ not bad since there where only three of us during the 2008 Symposium’s……….

Items that need brought to the floor:
1)  Northumberland OHV Area needs too be placed on the Ballot prior to the next election for a Public Referendum of Support for the OHV Area, while manipulating support for the Area.

2)  A means to Tariff (Tax) Four Wheel Driving Vehicles / 4x4 Licensed Motorized Vehicles in the Commonwealth so too build a Grant Pool to match those of the Motor Cycle, ATV and UTV Grant Pools. (Your monies to purchase Properties for Parks)
It’s your turn to take it from here guy’s, since this Old Dawg got the door opened for you to take your next step inside, remember you can affect more changes from inside the system in lieu of from the outside…………

You’ll see me, I’ll be the BIG PITA there working the room pressing flesh & bending ears getting support for the cause……….

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Re: DCNR 2011 Trail Summit Rescheduled to 10/23-25
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2011, 05:59:20 am »
Dear Com Chewy,
Thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of UFWDA. I think it's a bit unfair for you to characterize UFWDA as 'unable to get ourselves organizes'. UFWDA acts on issues of national implication and has done so for over 35 years.
With thousands of land use notices and drafts, planning meetings, compartment reviews, public hearings, etc taking place every year it's a bit more than one VOLUNTEER organization is really capable of handling at one time. We have always depended on the local clubs and organizations to keep an eye out in their state for issues. That appears to be what has happened so I would characterize this activity as conforming to plan. UFWDA offers up it's legal expertise when it's deemed to be needed or is asked for help by the local associations and clubs. I suspect none of these clubs are even UFWDA members. I do know for a fact a UFWDA member organization AND UFWDA legislative advocate Carla Boucher worked on a presentation for the Northumberland OHV project.
It's simple not possible for us (UFWDA) to be everywhere all the time. Especially when membership in ALL national land activist organizations is at an all time low. Not enough people care anymore to help prevent these activities from taking place untill after the fact.
I will contact the local UFWDA member association in that area to see what they know of the issue.

Thank you
Jim Mazzola - kb8ymf
President - UFWDA

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Re: Pa DCNR 2011 Trail Summit Rescheduled to 10/23-25
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Jim, I’ll step back for now, because I believe that Pa Jeeps is going too step-up to represent UFWDA, MAFWDA and the Four Wheel Driving Sect at this time. We definitely need to talk about why there was no response last year for the October 2010 Pa Trail Symposium and this should be done as PM’s or e-mails in lieu of a public forum………
As for the cause, I have been involved with it since the early seventies when I raced my 55 CJ5 as a member of Westmoreland County (Westco) 4WD Club, sanctioned by the EC4WDA, I do remember the forming of UFWDA, USFS/Tread Lightly as well as a few other 4WDA’s and Shared Access Groups through the years. By the way I happen to live in Florida and on a few Caribbean Islands since 1985, I have been preaching UFWDA & Tread Lightly ideology where ever my corporate travels have taken me around the Globe, and just as much as a PITA there about Shared Access for Motorized Recreation also…………
I’m also embarrassed to find out that the FL4WDA has dropped our membership and I promise you that I will start to correct that ASAP and will put a real drive on when I get back home to Orlando. As for your last statement there a few of us out there that have the ability to get into those side and back doors in order too open the front door for you, we actually spends time inside the beltway and even understands how it all works. You may even see us once in a while there blending into the background before, during and/or after a Committee Meeting persuading your Congressional Delegates to join the Bi-Patrician Co-Sponsorship of Pro-Shared Access for Motorized Recreation Bills. As for the war I believe that we are beginning to see the light at the end of the old preverbal tunnel, you just have to stay positive and keep the troops stepping up for the cause……….



Go as slow as possible, and as quickly as necessitated…………