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Four Wheeling is active in India
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A typical useful item...
Originally Posted by rohan_iitr View Post

Why in the world are diabetics required to carry sweets ?
(I have very little medical knowledge)

Usually diabetics take medications which are dosed according to their daily routine. When they come on an OTR, they burn more sugar due to strenuous activity / heat / etc and also they eat less than usual. This causes the sugar level to drop more but since they have already taken their usual dose of medication in the morning, the medicine has nothing to act on. This causes it to take sugar from areas where it shouldn't leading to complications like fainting etc (Note: i'm explaining in very layman terms here). Thus, the need for sugar.
It is always advisable to err on the side of more sugar than less in case of emergency.
A diabetic may faint either due to lack of (hypoglycemia) or excess of sugar(hyperglycemia). If you can't diagnose which is which, put a sweet in the patient's mouth. That excess bit sugar that is given to the patient won't harm more in case the patient fainted from hyperglycemia but if it is a case of hypoglycemia, you may save the patient from potential brain damage.

Anyways, now let's not go OT here, we can discuss this further in the Medical thread. I replied here so that other members can also be aware of this fact.
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