Author Topic: Fort Hood, Texas: Reopen Training Areas for Full Sized 4x4's Petition  (Read 3423 times)

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In the not-so-distant past, Fort Hood allowed off-road capable vehicles to enjoy specific training areas on the installation for recreational "wheeling." Even though Fort Hood contains an incredible source of terrain for off-road enthusiasts, it is currently off limits for this type of use according to Fort Hood regulation 210-3; ATV's and dirtbikes, however, have been given a brand new dedicated facility to ride in.

It is currently very difficult for recreational off-roaders to find areas in Texas to legally ride without having to pay significant entrance fees to privately owned parks and traveling several hours to these few locations. Fort Hood already has the knowledge of how to successfully manage the allowance of off-roading in the training area, leaving no reason why it should be currently forbidden. The installation even stands to gain significant money from reinstating a 4x4 program. The post would also be able to regulate as they please, and check-in procedures and buddy-system requirements help protect Fort Hood from liabilities regarding safety, vehicle recovery, etc. There are also many individuals in the community willing to dedicate some of their time to maintaining the area and helping more novice wheelers.

I am confident that this would be a very successful program should Fort Hood decide to pursue it once again. It would be a fantastic morale booster for those currently serving, and a wonderful new way for the post to reconnect with it's surrounding community at virtually no cost to the post. Off-roaders could also be an excellent source of information for teams that are working to preserve and protect the environment of Fort Hood.

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