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Recreation Resource Advisory Committees

AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA.

ACTION: Call for nominations for the Pacific Northwest Recreation
Resource Advisory Committee.


SUMMARY: The Secretary of Agriculture has established the Pacific
Northwest Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (Recreation RACs)
pursuant to Section 4 of the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act
(REA) that was passed into law as part of the 2005 Consolidated
Appropriations Act (Pub. L. 108-447) on December 8, 2004. The purpose
of this Recreation RAC is to provide recommendations regarding
recreation fees to both the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land
Management (BLM) as appropriate. There are currently eleven vacancies
on the Recreation RAC: Winter Motorized, Winter Non-motorized
Recreation, Summer Motorized Recreation, Summer Non-motorized, Hunting
and Fishing, Motorized Outfitter and Guide Recreation, Non-motorized
Outfitter and Guide Recreation, Local Environmental, State Tourism,
Local Government, and Tribal. The public is invited to submit
nominations for membership on the Recreation RAC.

DATES: All nominations should be received by the appropriate Regional
Office by July 13, 2012. If necessary, managers may continue accepting
applications beyond this date to ensure broad and balanced
representation on the Recreation RAC. Nominations must contain a
completed application packet that includes background information and
other information that addresses a nominee's qualifications.
Application packets for Recreation RACs can be obtained from the Forest
Service Regional Office listed below or on the Web at

ADDRESSES: Regional Contact for Recreation RAC:
    Pacific Northwest Regional Office: Shandra Terry, Regional Public
Involvement Coordinator, Public Affairs, 333 SW 1st Ave., Portland, OR
97208, (503) 808-2242.

Coordinator, 333 SW 1st Avenue, Portland, OR 97208, (503) 808-2984.


Nomination and Application Information for Recreation RACs

    Each Forest Service Recreation RAC shall consist of 11 members
appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. These members shall provide
a broad and balanced representation from the recreation community as
    1. Five persons who represent recreation users and that include, as
appropriate, the following:
    a. Winter motorized recreation, such as snowmobiling;
    b. Winter non-motorized recreation, such as snowshoeing, cross-
country and downhill skiing, and snowboarding;
    c. Summer motorized recreation, such as motorcycles, boaters, and
off-highway vehicles;

    d. Summer non-motorized recreation, such as backpacking, horseback
riding, mountain biking, canoeing, and rafting; and
    e. Hunting and fishing.
    2. Three persons who represent interest groups that include, as
appropriate, the following:
    a. Motorized outfitters and guides;
    b. Non-motorized outfitters and guides; and
    c. Local environmental groups.
    3. Three persons, as follows:
    a. A State tourism official to represent the State;
    b. A person who represents affected Indian tribes; and
    c. A person who represents affected local government interests.
    Any individual or organization may nominate one or more qualified
persons to represent the interests listed above to serve on the
Recreation RAC. To be considered for membership, nominees must--
    1. Identify what interest group they would represent and how they
are qualified to represent that group;
    2. State why they want to serve on the committee and what they can
    3. Show their past experience in working successfully as part of a
collaborative group, and
    4. Complete Form AD-755, Advisory Committee or Research and
Promotion Background Information.
    Letters of recommendation are welcome. Individuals may also
nominate themselves. Nominees do not need to live in a State within a
particular Recreation RAC area of jurisdiction nor live in a State in
which Forest Service-managed lands are located.
    Application packets, including evaluation criteria and the AD-755
form, are available at or by
contacting the respective regions identified in this notice. Nominees
must submit all documents to the appropriate regional contact.
Additional information about recreation fees and REA is available at
    The Agency will also work with Governors and county officials to
identify potential nominees.
    The Agency will review the applications and prepare a list of
qualified applicants from which the Secretary of Agriculture shall
appoint both committee members and alternates. An alternate will become
a participating member of the Recreation RAC only if the member for
whom the alternate is appointed to replace leaves the committee
    Recreation RAC members serve without pay but are reimbursed for
travel and per diem expenses for regularly scheduled committee
meetings. All Recreation RAC meetings are open to the public and an
open public forum is part of each meeting. Meeting dates and times will
be determined by Agency officials in consultation with the Recreation
RAC members, when the committee is formed.

    Dated: June 6, 2012.
Lisa Freedman,
Chief of Staff for the Regional Forester, Pacific Northwest Region,
Forest Service.
[FR Doc. 2012-14793 Filed 6-15-12; 8:45 am]
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