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Colorado support for RTP
« on: September 18, 2012, 09:24:04 pm »
Trail use is the number one outdoor recreational activity in Colorado. Coloradans and our visitors
log more than 40 million separate trail activity days each year. Roughly nine out of ten Coloradans
(87%) report they use trails at least one day per year and about half (48%) say they generally use
trails one or more times a month.
State, federal, county, municipal, and non-profit agencies throughout Colorado provide extensive
trail opportunities to the public. We know that RTP funding has been used to support these groups
that offer local and regional trail opportunities and community connections, enabling people to
hike or ride virtually everywhere in the state. Trails are the top outdoor "gateway" activity across
the country. As reported by the Outdoor Industry Foundation in 2006, Colorado's outdoor
recreational opportunities contribute more than $10 billion annually to our state's overall
economy. RTP funding supports and sustains Colorado's ability to provide quality trail systems.
Fortunately for the diverse recreationists in the state, the $7 million in RTP funding received by the
State Trails Program since 2008 has greatly benefited both non-motorized and motorized trail
enthusiasts. The distribution of RTP funds over that period is roughly $2.7 million to nonmotorized
trails projects and $2.2 million to motorized trails projects. In that time, 144 separate
trails projects have received RTP funding.

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