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WOHVA Updates Sept. 2012 Sorry for late posting
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  WOHVA Update September ‘12

Every month WOHVA provides our members and other motorized trail recreation
advocates with this short synopsis of WOHVA’s efforts to proactively assure that
environmentally responsible OHV recreational opportunities are expanded here the
Badger State.

The 3rd (and final) phase of WOHVA’s Business Plan regarding the creation and
operation of the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. is nearing completion. WOHVA
met with the project staff drafting the plan last month. WOHVA members will recall
reviewing the initial draft document at the WOHVA Workshops in spring. The document
is being researched and drafted by the Creative Enterprise Center at Ripon College.
WOHVA expects delivery of the finished plan in time to present it to at the September
19th Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI) Monthly Directors Meeting in
Crandon, Wisconsin.

As was the case with the previous two documents (Phase I & Phase II), WOHVA looks
forward to presenting this final installment to the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. when completed.

Three Mole Lake Trail Days were hosted by WOHVA last month. Trail Days center on
trail maintenance and development, but there is always some trail riding involved.
If you’re interested in joining us in Mole Lake and becoming a WOHVA trail volunteer,
visit our forums for information on getting involved. A complete listing of all WOHVA’s scheduled
events for 2012 (including Mole Lake Trail Days) is available on our web

WOHVA’s Fall Trails Information Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 6th in New
London, Wisconsin. Our FREE Trails Information Meetings are held twice a year
(Spring & Fall) in South Eastern Wisconsin. Attendance is a great way to become
informed as to the state of motorized trails here in the Badger State and also an
outstanding opportunity to view what WOHVA has planned for next year (and the
future). In addition, WOHVA representatives will be available to answer any and all
questions you may have or point you in the right direction to find the accurate and up-todate

WOHVA Trails Information Meetings are open to all OHV enthusiasts (WOHVA Individual
Members as well as non-members). For additional information on this meeting (including the agenda)
 visit “Events & Trail Rides) in the WOHVA General Public Forums.

WOHVA would like to thank all those WOHVA members, other individuals and
organizations that have had to foresight to support the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle
Park, Inc. (WORVPI) via their recent memberships. We’d also like to encourage all
motorized recreation enthusiasts to step forward in support of this venture by joining
WORVPI. Your $10 will help display how eager and willing Badger State OHV
enthusiasts are to support their sport!
To learn more about WORVPI and the development of a 10,000 premier motorized
recreation area here in Wisconsin visit their web site at

Mid-Year Updates were mailed to all WOHVA Supporting Clubs. Included in the Update
were copies of recent WOHVA Monthly Updates, a complete set of Motorized Vehicle
Use Maps (MVUM’s) for the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest (CNNF), an
instruction manual on how to submit accurate and influential requests for access or
closure of CNNF roads, routes & trails, an update on the Motorized Recreation Area in
Forest County (Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park) and other information regarding
WOHVA. Groups receiving the mailing included; Badgerland TNT 4X4 Club, Inc.,
Chicago Land Rover Club, Damage, Inc. 4X4 Club, Extreme Offroaders 4Wheel Drive
Club, Ltd., Kettle Moraine Sport Riders, NAXJA – Midwest Chapter and Wisconsin Dual
Sport Riders. If you haven’t seen this information please ask your club president to
share the packet contents with you and all your fellow club members.

WOHVA would like to thank these clubs and all their members for their continued support
of WOHVA and advocacy towards motorized trail recreation here in the Badger State.
If you’re an individual looking to join a club you’d be hard pressed to find better
clubs than those listed above!

The WOHVA Board of Directors held their regular bi-monthly meeting in Oconto Falls,
WOHVA Individual Members can review the agenda, minutes, financial reports and
other documents pertaining to all Board Meetings in the WOHVA Updates Forum located
in the Forums Section of the WOHVA website.

WOHVA participated in the regular monthly meeting for the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle
Park, Inc. (WORVPI).
Regular updates on WORVPI (including meeting agenda & minutes) and all WOHVA
special projects can be found in the “Projects” window located on the WOHVA Webpage.
Project Updates are available to WOHVA Individual Members on-line and are provided
quarterly to WOHVA Supporting Groups and clubs/organizations that have expressed
interest by contacting WOHVA and offering their assistance in helping WOHVA expand
OHV opportunities here in the Badger State. Visit the newly launched WORVPI web
site at

Pleased to join trail advocacy groups from across the Badger State (both motorized and
non-motorized), WOHVA added our signature to a letter drafted on behalf of the
Coalition for Recreational Trails (of which WOHVA is a member) in support of continued
funding the Wisconsin Recreational Trails Grant Program. The letter is a key part of a
grass-roots campaign to convince Wisconsin Governor Walker NOT to opt out of this
vital federal program.

The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) was reauthorized - with dedicated annual funding
of $85 million for the remainder of this year and Fiscal Years 2013 and 2014 - when the
President signed the transportation reauthorization legislation known as MAP-21on July 6th.
The new legislation does contain one potential roadblock to the continuation of the RTP at the
state level: a provisionallowing the state governors to opt out of the program if they notify the U.S.
Secretary of Transportation of their decision no later than 30 days before the funds are apportioned.
Since the funds will be apportioned on October 1st, any opt-out decisions must be
sent to US DOT by September 1st.

The American Motorcyclist Association (of which WOHVA is a member) reports that the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will require all consumers to buy at least
four gallons of gasoline from certain gas pumps after the new E15 ethanol-gasoline
blend is introduced into the market. The vast majority of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV’s) in
use today are not designed to operate on E15 fuel. WOHVA contacted all of Wisconsin’s
Senators and Members of the House of Representatives asking them to contact the EPA. We
suggested urging the EPA to come up with a better solution and to back an independent
study to determine whether E15 is safe for OHV engines.

Since the approved list includes many light-duty vehicles in use today, refineries, distributors,
and fueling stations may choose to offer primarily E15 gasoline because of this action by the EPA.
The new EPA policy should concern all off-highway enthusiasts because this can affect the
availability of gasoline with less or no ethanol (E10 or E0).

In conjunction with the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI), WOHVA is
working with NCWRPC on an extensive Feasibility Study to direct establishing a 10,000
acre Badger State Motorized Recreation Area (MRA). Last month a special project
team from WORVPI met twice with their consultants drafting the Forest County
Motorized Recreation Area Feasibility Study. The focus of the meetings was to bring
some much needed closure to this project. WOHVA has two members participating on
this team. WOHVA is excited to be on the forefront, representing Badger State
motorized trail riding enthusiasts, on this and other advocacy projects. Delivery of this
finished study is expected soon.

Informed access advocates will recall that WOHVA previously contracted with an independent
consultant to develop a business plan for establishing a MRA here in the Badger State.
NCWRPC is located in Wausau, Wisconsin and does major research projects for many northern
Wisconsin counties and municipalities. Regular updates on this project will be available on the
WOHVA web site with detailed updates expanded upon in the WOHVA Members Only Forums.
Watch our website for more details as they become available.

WOHVA’s 5th Annual Great Northern Trail Ride was held on the Sokaogon-Chippewa
properties in Mole Lake, Wisconsin. This was the fifth year that WOHVA Trail Guides
led OHV enthusiasts through the maze of trails that WOHVA Volunteers have
developed on the Tribal Holdings.

If you missed this event and are interested in being added to WOHVA’s mailing list (so you don’t
miss out on all the fun next year) email your name, address, city, state & zip code to
Be sure to include “GNTR” in the subject box. If you want to dress like you attended the event,
GNTRV t-shirts are still available for order (see the WOHVA Web Site for details).
Greg Mumm, Executive Director of the BlueRibbon Coalition, attended a breakfast
meeting hosted by WOHVA at the Café Manoomin in the Mole Lake Casino & Lodge.
Greg exchanged thoughts and ideas pertaining to the future of motorized recreation.
A complete update on this meeting is available for review in the WOHVA Public Forums.

“Remember, join and advocate (that’s) the two most important things that you
can do!”

- Del Albright

(April ’09, WOHVA’s 5th Annual Wisconsin OHV Enthusiast Workshops)
Michelle Tester, Promotions Chair
Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association(WOHVA)
P.O. Box 1865
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1865