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Cibola National Forest revision
« on: October 30, 2012, 04:45:16 am »
Dear Forest Users and Interested Readers:

The Cibola National Forest will soon begin revising its 1985 Land and Resource Management Plan
(Forest Plan) for the Sandia, Mountainair, Magdalena, and Mt. Taylor Ranger Districts. The Cibola is one
of the first national forests to start the revision process under the new 2012 Forest Service Planning Rule.

The first steps of the Cibolaís revision process are to gather information on the existing conditions and
sustainability of the Forestís resources, goods and services, and to anticipate the conditions and trends
into the future under the guidance of the 1985 Forest Plan. This information will be compiled into a
Forest Assessment Report and will help us determine the areas of the 1985 Plan that need to be revised.

To read the full notice .....
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