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Arizona State Parks OHV Program
« on: January 03, 2013, 09:23:47 pm »
Want to keep up with how Arizona State Parks is protecting your lands here in Arizona and providing opportunities for motorized recreation on State and Federal lands?

Sign up for the OHV newsletter using the link in the blue box and then check your inbox/spam folder for the verification email.

I am hosting monthly events that I call "Trail Talks" so folks can meet the team and land managers taking care of OHV issues in Arizona on...wait for it.... Saturday mornings! This is response to the fact that not everyone can make it to weeknight meetings and weekend are when most people can hit the trail.

Back in November, my department hosted a series of public meetings to gather information from folks on what they want their government to do. I assure you this valuable input has not fallen into a black hole or is sitting on a shelf collecting is some of the valuable information guiding me in my work! I'm still working my way through our online survey (over 400 responses of qualitative data) and making sure those ideas are incorporated as well.

If you want your voice heard, see what we are up to, and learn how you can help with the issues facing motorized recreation...come join us out in the field and then enjoy some of the good work done by Arizona State Parks and our trusted partners by hitting the trail.

The first one is January 12 at Table Mesa and will feature the BLM. Details will follow once I finish putting together our January Newsletter.

February 16 is in the Middle Gila and will feature our OHV Ambassador Program and how they work with the BLM to do work on the ground. You will get to see the work the Ambassadors do first hand with a kiosk installation and related tasks. Perhaps you will be inspired to join!

March 16 is at Horseshoe Ranch in conjunction with our State Historic Preservation Office and Archaeology Month, I am hoping to organize a trail run on the Agua Fria NM to visit some sites with an archaeologist.

April will provide an opportunity to learn about air quality, dust, and how this is all tied to federal funding and motorized recreation. It's not as bad as you may have been led to believe.

I hope that you will come out to be a part of the conversation and join us for some fun times.
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