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Final EIS for the Lander Field Office Planning Area, WY
« on: February 22, 2013, 02:33:14 am »
Notice of Availability of the Proposed Resource Management Plan
and Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Lander Field Office
Planning Area, WY

AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of availability.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of
1969, as amended, and the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of
1976, as amended, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has prepared a
proposed Resource Management Plan (RMP)/final environmental impact
statement (EIS) for the Lander, Wyoming, Field Office and by this
notice is announcing its availability.

DATES: BLM planning regulations state that any person who meets the
conditions described in the regulations may protest the BLM's proposed
RMP/final EIS. A person who meets the conditions and files a protest
must file the protest within 30 days of the date that the Environmental
Protection Agency publishes its Notice of Availability of the proposed
RMP/final EIS in the Federal Register.

ADDRESSES: Copies of the Lander proposed RMP/final EIS have been sent
to affected Federal, State, and local Government agencies and to other
stakeholders, tribal Governments and members of the public who have
requested copies. Copies of the Lander proposed RMP/final EIS are
available for public inspection at the BLM Lander Field Office, 1335
Main Street, Lander, Wyoming; BLM Wind River/Bighorn Basin District
Office, 101 South 23rd Street, Worland, Wyoming; Fremont County public
libraries in Riverton, Lander, and Dubois and Central Wyoming College
and at the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho Tribal Business
Councils in Fort Washakie, Wyoming. Interested persons may also review
the proposed RMP/final EIS on the Internet at All protests must be in writing
and mailed to one of the following addresses:

           Regular mail                        Overnight mail
BLM Director (210), Attention:     BLM Director (210), attention: Brenda
 Brenda Williams, P.O. Box 71383,   Williams, 20 M Street SE., Room
 Washington, DC 20024-1383.         2134LM, Washington, DC 20003.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For further information contact
Kristin Yannone, Planner; telephone 307-332-8400; address BLM Lander
Field Office, 1335 Main Street, Lander, WY 82520; email Persons who use a telecommunications device for the
deaf (TDD) may call the Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1-
800-877-8339 to contact the above individual during normal business
hours. The FIRS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to leave a
message or question with the above individual. You will receive a reply
during normal business hours.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The planning area includes lands within the
BLM Lander Field Office's administrative boundaries, including all of
Fremont County and some of Teton, Sweetwater, Hot Springs, Carbon, and
Natrona counties in Wyoming. The planning area includes all lands,
regardless of jurisdiction, totaling approximately 6.6 million acres;
however, the BLM will only make decisions on lands that fall under the
BLM's jurisdiction. The decision area includes approximately 2.4
million acres of BLM-administered surface and 2.8 million acres of
Federal mineral estate. The proposed RMP will replace the 1987 Lander
    The Draft RMP/EIS was made available for public review for a 90-day
period on September 9, 2011. The Draft RMP/EIS described and analyzed a
series of goals, objectives, and management actions, within four
management alternatives, designed to address new management challenges
and issues raised during scoping. These included, but were not limited
to, mineral development, livestock grazing, air quality, special
management areas including areas of critical environmental concern
(ACEC), wildlife habitats including that of the Greater Sage-Grouse,
and management of the settings of the National Historic trails. The
four alternatives were:
     Alternative A: Continues existing management practices (no
action alternative);
     Alternative B: Emphasizes conservation of natural and
cultural resources while providing for compatible development and use;
     Alternative C: Emphasizes resource development and use
while protecting natural and cultural resources; and
    Alternative D: Provides development opportunities while
protecting sensitive resources (proposed RMP).

    Comments on the Draft RMP/EIS received from the public and internal
BLM review were carefully considered and incorporated as appropriate
into the proposed RMP. The proposed RMP would provide comprehensive,
long-range decisions for the use and management of resources in the
planning area administered by the BLM and focus on the principles of
multiple use and sustained yield.

    Alternative D includes objectives and management actions to ensure
future BLM actions support the nature and purposes of the five
congressionally designated National Historic Trails within the Lander
Field Office. Alternative D adopts a National Trails Management
Corridor with allowable uses, management actions, and necessary
restrictions for all resources and resource uses within the corridor in
order to effectively support the nature and purposes of the National
Historic Trails, and the resources, qualities, values, and associated
settings and the primary use or uses of each trail. Descriptions and
maps of the proposed National Trail Management Corridor(s) have been
prepared and are found within the Lander proposed RMP/final EIS, and
are also available for review at the BLM Wyoming State Office and at
the Lander Field Office.

    Instructions for filing a protest with the Director of the BLM
regarding the proposed RMP/final EIS may be found in the ``Dear
Reader'' letter of the proposed Lander RMP/final EIS and at 43 CFR
1610.5-2. All protests must be in writing and mailed to the appropriate
address, as set forth in the ADDRESSES section above. Emailed and faxed
protests will not be accepted as valid protests unless the protesting
party also provides the original letter by either regular or overnight
mail postmarked by the close of the protest period. Under these
conditions, the BLM will consider the emailed or faxed protest as an
advance copy and it will receive full consideration. If you wish to
provide the BLM with such advance notification, please direct emails to and faxed protests to the attention of
the BLM protest coordinator at 202-245-0028.
    Before including your phone number, email address, or other
personal identifying information in your protest, you should be aware
that your entire protest--including your personal identifying
information--may be made publicly available at any time. While you can
ask us in your protest to withhold your personal identifying
information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be
able to do so.

    Authority: 40 CFR 1506.6, 40 CFR 1506.10, 43 CFR 1610.2, 43 CFR

Donald A. Simpson,
State Director.
[FR Doc. 2013-03991 Filed 2-21-13; 8:45 am]
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