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WOHVA Update March ‘13
Every month WOHVA provides our members and other motorized trail recreation advocates with this short synopsis of WOHVA’s efforts to proactively assure that environmentally responsible OHV recreational opportunities are expanded here the Badger State.  Check out what WOHVA was working on as we launched into a new year.

The Great Northern Trail Ride (GNTR) Marketing Team convened to do detailed planning for another successful event.  2013 marks our 6th Annual GNTR.  Watch for updates on the improvements being implemented to further enhance this annual event.  

In conjunction with the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI), WOHVA is working with North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (NCWRPC) on an extensive Feasibility Study to direct establishing a 10,000 acre Badger State Motorized Recreation Area (MRA).  Last month a special project team from WORVPI continued to meet weekly with their consultants drafting the Forest County Motorized Recreation Area Feasibility Study. This is a six part study.  Delivery of the completed study is expected in the very near future.  WOHVA is excited to be on the forefront, representing Badger State motorized trail riding enthusiasts, on this and other advocacy projects.

Announcements for WOHVA’s 9th Annual Wisconsin OHV Enthusiasts Workshop and WORVPI’s Financial Management for Non-Profits Workshop were made last Month.  Both are being offered in conjunction with each other over the weekend of April 12th & 13th at the Mole Lake Lodge & Conference Center.

A further revision of the 4WD Sticker Program Legislation was received.  WOHVA’s Legislative Action Committee met and reviewed this pending legislation and submitted  our comments to friends at the State Capitol.

WOHVA participated in the regular monthly meeting for the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI).  Regular updates on WORVPI (including meeting agenda & minutes) and all WOHVA special projects can be found in the “Projects” window located on the WOHVA Webpage.  Project Updates are available to WOHVA Individual Members on-line and are provided quarterly to WOHVA Supporting Groups and clubs/organizations that have expressed interest by contacting WOHVA and offering their assistance in helping WOHVA expand OHV opportunities here in the Badger State.  Visit the newly launched WORVPI web site at

Trail enthusiasts and volunteers from across the Badger State traveled to New London to participate in WOHVA’s Annual Spring Trails Information Meeting.  This venue has proven to be popular and the premier source of information for motorized recreationists!  Short updates on contemporary Wisconsin OHV issues as well as brief updates on ongoing and upcoming WOHVA projects were presented.

The Forest Resource Association has initiated a series of meetings to develop a process by which to assure that forest stakeholders are better prepared to address emerging 2013 regulatory issues that are a priority for the forest supply chain in Wisconsin and how to combine efforts to represent the common interests of stakeholders.  WOHVA has been involved in this process and continued our involvement at a “Micro-Meeting” of the aforementioned stakeholders held last month in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  

WOHVA participated in the United Four Wheel Drive Associations Land Use Committee (UFWDA-LUC) Meeting. The UFWDA-LUC strives to assist and represent member organizations in issues as they relate to the use of motorized vehicles on public and private lands. This is achieved through networking with member clubs and associations on land access planning and activities affecting motorized recreation; promoting, developing, and coordinating educational programs pertaining to safe and responsible four-wheeling, and informing members of pending and/or proposed legislation or other activity affecting motorized recreation.



“Remember, join and advocate (that’s) the two most important things that you can do!”​ - Del Albright  (April ’09, WOHVA’s 5th Annual Wisconsin OHV Enthusiast Workshops)




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