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CA - Corral Canyon Update
« on: February 12, 2007, 01:41:37 pm »
Corral Canyon Update

Work is proceeding despite some weather and equipment challenges in the
past several weeks. Trails Unlimited is working on replacing the damaged
tread on the trails that are scheduled to open first. Conservation camp and
contractor crews are working in the area as well. We are nearing completion
of the preparations needed to for the first phase of reopening the area.

Date for First Phase of Reopening

Although we have had to push it back a few weeks from initial estimates,
the first phase of re-opening  Corral Canyon will be complete in the next
several weeks. The plan is to restore public access to the area that was
least affected by the Horse Fire on March 1st, 2007. Weather and unforeseen
circumstances permitting we are in good shape for reaching that goal. The
plan to keep areas that were severely burned closed for erosion control and
soil stabilization remains the same. The fence along trail 3 and 3a will be
the boundary of the open area.

Some sections Need More Work

The areas south and west of the fence need more work before they can be
used for recreation again. These are the areas where the vegetation was
burned almost completely. Without vegetation there is nothing to contain
the run-off from storms. Crews will be working in those areas and the
installed mitigation measures will need to stay undisturbed to be
effective. Recreation access will not be restored to the badly burned areas
until the areas can sustain the activity.

What Can You Do?

Please pass the word that the areas needing more work will open sooner if
they remain undisturbed. Until those areas are stabilized the risk of
losing large chunks of the routes to slides and erosion is significant. It
is far better to let the crews work unhindered and let the ground heal by
staying out of the closed area then to have those trails damaged beyond
repair. Since a high incidence of trespass into these areas that need work
could force closure of the entire Corral Canyon OHV area everyone needs to
do what they can to convince users to remain in the open area. The areas
undergoing continued rehabilitation work will be closely monitored by
Forest Service Law Enforcement and Volunteer OHV Patrols. It will also take
proactive off-roaders who won't stand for their recreation areas being
damaged and/or closed by the actions of hooligans and careless users.You as
an off-roader will determine the future of Corral Canyon. Fortunately the
ecosystem in the area rebounds well from fire. We will have the damaged
area open as soon as possible and with your help it will sooner than later.

Another Volunteer Weekend

There will be two more volunteer days the weekend before the opening. The
dates will be 2/24/07 and 2/25/07. Plans are to work on projects until
lunch time. After lunch all volunteers who want to will be able to take
their machines out on the trails to test the new tread. We will meet at
Four Corners at 9:00 am both days. A list of projects will be sent out next
week. Bring your work gear AND your off-roading gear.

Contact me if you have questions otherwise I will look forward to seeing
you at Corral Canyon.

Richard Tull
OHV Program Manager
Descanso Ranger District
Cleveland National Forest
3348 Alpine Blvd.
Alpine, CA 91901
(619) 445 6235 ext 3451


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Re: CA - Corral Canyon Update
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2007, 12:52:06 pm »

Corral Canyon continues to recover from the Horse Fire and the main gate
has been open since the end of February. Use has been moderate to high on
weekends and the good news is that the vast majority of visitors are having
fun while playing by the rules. We have had a very small number of clueless
riders trespass into the burn area and due to the high level of
surveillance and law enforcement all have been apprehended before doing any
real damage to the soil stabilization measures going on in the burned
areas. Please pass the word that we are working to get the burned areas
stabilized and that the area has to remain undisturbed so we can reopen it
as soon as possible. If the area is further damaged by off-roaders who
trespass into it, reopening will be delayed and since most of the funding
we have has time limits attached to it reopening could be delayed
indefinitely if we get behind schedule. We need everyone’s help to keep our
reopening efforts on schedule. Please remind everyone you can to protect
motorized access to public land by following the rules, staying on
designated trails and taking good care of their recreation resources.

Next Volunteer work day – 04/21/2007

 The second phase of the re-opening process is gearing up and we are moving
forward with the work. Trails Unlimited has finished replacing the tread
and repairing the drainage on all the trails we needed them to fix. The
materials for the second phase of work will be delivered next week so I am
asking for any interested volunteers to come out to Corral Canyon on
Saturday April 21st for another work day. Bring your work clothes/gear and
plan to meet at Bobcat Campground at 9:45 am. Most of the effort will be
focused on the fencing that needs to be installed. We are planning to work
until 4:30 pm so bring a lunch if you want to spend the whole day with us.

I want to take another opportunity to thank everyone who has helped in the
effort to reopen Corral Canyon so far. It is great to be working with such
proactive people who understand the value of their off-road resources and
are willing to step up and do what it takes to keep the Corral Canyon OHV
area open for the enjoyment of all. You are great examples of the kind of
people it will take to ensure the future of areas like Corral Canyon.


Email me with questions otherwise I will see you there!

Richard Tull
OHV Program Manager
Descanso Ranger District
Cleveland National Forest
3348 Alpine Blvd.
Alpine, CA 91901
(619) 445 6235 ext 3451