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Nevada trail grants open for applications now
« on: January 01, 2014, 08:37:27 pm »
 Grants For OHV Trails Now Available
January 1st, 2014


Moapa Valley Progress

Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle owners have been required by the Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehichles (NCOHV) to pay a $20 registration fee in Nevada as of July 1, 2012. The revenues gathered from the registration fees have been promised to Nevada residents to go towards trails and facilities for off-road use.

NCOHV is keeping its commitment. The Commission has announced that its grant program for trails and facilities is now available for applications.

“This is very exciting for the State of Nevada,” said Mary Alice Morency, the Executive Secretary of NCOHV. “It is full of robust trails and beauty for OHV users. The Commissioners can really focus to help the OHV community have trails available.”

There will be approximately $300,000-$360,000 available for grants in this first year of the grant program.

The use of the money will be broken down by percentages. Fifteen percent of all the money will go to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (NDMV) for the registration process and collection of the fees. The remaining 85% will be divided into 4 accounts: 5% will go to the NCOHV administration, 60% for trails, 20% for law enforcement, and 15% for public education. Specific information on the grant accounts are found at

NCOHV encourages all who have a vision for an OHV trail or facility project to submit a grant application by January 15. The applications will immediately be reviewed to confirm they have been filled out properly.

“We want to make sure everyone can afford the opportunity to submit applications correctly and not eliminate anyone from having a chance for the grant,” Morency said.

By January 24 the applications will be distributed to the commissioners for official review. In this grant program the applicants have the opportunity to give an oral presentation on January 31. This will allow the applicants a better chance to answer any questions the commissioners have and to better present the information to the board.

“With the presentation [the applicants] can answer any questions and be there in person to talk,” Morency said. “It can raise the applicant’s score.”

By March 15 the grant money will be made available.

This grant program is designed to fit large and small entities. Many times it is difficult for small entities to obtain a grant because the grants are paid out as a reimbursement. But the NCOHV Commissioners voted to waive the reimbursement grant.

“Those without funds in reimbursement can ask to be given the money upfront,” Morency explained. “This grant program doesn’t just speak to counties or the state, it can also apply to small entity’s that do not have cash up front.”

The local organization, Partners in Conservation (PIC), will be an applicant for the OHV grants. PIC Administrator Elise McAllister said that PIC plans to apply for grants to help with upkeep of Logandale Trails. McAllister explained that the 2nd restrooms at Logandale Trails need replacing and the trail system needs dumpsters with trash pickup service instead of small trash cans.

“Logandale trails are very heavily used,” said McAllister. “The grant could better help maintain the services available to the OHV users.”

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