Author Topic: On and off-highway vehicle use in Alberta parks at issue  (Read 2097 times)

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On and off-highway vehicle use in Alberta parks at issue
« on: January 23, 2014, 03:45:36 am »
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 1:29:55 MST PM

Now that the winter Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) season is here, itís a good time to remind sledders and the like about the rules and regulations surrounding OHV use in and around our Alberta Parks.  Under the OHV regulations within the Traffic Safety Act, OHVs cannot be operated in Alberta provincial parks or provincial recreation areas (PRAs). However, they can be used in most wildland parks and natural areas on approved trails. 

Some provincial parks in the Peace River area where OHV use is not permitted include Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park, Greene Valley Provincial Park and Notikewin Provincial Park.  Some of the PRAs nearby where use is also prohibited are Figure Eight Lake, Stoney and Sulphur Lake, Twin Lakes, Oleís and Running Lake to name a few.   

Peace River Wildlands Provincial Park and Sand Lake Natural Area are examples of nearby parklands that do support lawful OHV use throughout all four seasons. These parklands have many elaborate and lengthy trails winding through diverse terrain where users can get a comprehensive view of the beautiful Peace country.

In areas where OHV use is permitted, users are required to follow the Traffic Safety Act and Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations.  This includes, but is not limited to, the OHV operator having a valid registration, valid insurance (the operator must carry a Financial Responsibility Card and Proof of Insurance) and every OHV must have a valid and properly displayed licence plate.  Youths under the age of 14 must be continuously supervised by an adult within close proximity to the operator.  The consumption of liquor in public places and on OHVís is strictly prohibited and will result in charges and vehicle seizure where the OHV has been involved.  OHVís may not be operated on roadways or highways and are only permitted to cross roadways when necessary.

Alberta Parks asks OHV users to be respectful of the sensitive landscapes and wildlife in and around Alberta Parks and protected areas to ensure enjoyment for future generations.  If you see OHV users destroying terrain or operating in a provincial park or recreation area, please report the incident to Alberta Parks Conservation Officers.

During this winter season, our parks Conservation Officers and Park Services Rangers will be conducting checkstops and carrying out OHV checks in and around our parks and protected areas. Violation tickets will be issued for offences.   For more information regarding rules and regulations and the areas that OHVís are eligible for use on the Alberta Parks land base, please feel free to call Conservation Officers at the Peace River Parks Enforcement Branch office.

Stay warm, safe, compliant, and see you out on the snow!  ĖParks Alberta

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