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Notice of Intent To Prepare a Resource Management Plan and
Associated Environmental Impact Statement for the Lewistown Field
Office and a Portion of the Butte Field Office, Montana

AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of intent.


SUMMARY: Pursuant to the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of
1976, as amended (FLPMA), and the National Environmental Policy Act of
1969, as amended (NEPA), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lewistown
and Butte Field Offices intend to prepare a Resource Management Plan
(RMP) with an associated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the
RMP for BLM public lands and resources managed by the Lewistown Field
Office, and a small portion of the Butte Field Office in northern Lewis
and Clark County, Montana. Through this notice, public scoping is also
being announced to solicit public comments and assist with the
identification and development of planning issues. The RMP will replace
the existing Headwaters Resource Area RMP, dated September 1984, and
the Judith Resource Management Plan, dated 1994, as amended.

DATES: This notice initiates the public scoping process for the RMP and
associated EIS. Comments and resource information should be submitted
to the BLM within 60 calendar days of publication of this notice in the
Federal Register.
A series of public scoping meetings will be held
throughout the planning area. Meeting times and locations will be
announced 15 days prior to each event through local news media,
newsletters and the BLM Web site at:
    Formal scoping comments should be submitted prior to the close of
the scoping period or 30 days after the last public scoping meeting,
whichever is later. The BLM will provide additional opportunities for
public participation upon publication of the Draft RMP/EIS.

ADDRESSES: Documents related to this proposal may be viewed at the
Lewistown Field Office, 920 NE Main St., Lewistown, MT 59457, during
regular business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through
Friday, except holidays, or online at: Written
public comments and input may be submitted by any of the following
     Fax: 406-538-1904, Attention: Lewistown RMP
     Mail: BLM Lewistown Field Office, Attention:
    Lewistown RMP, 920 NE Main St., Lewistown, MT 59457

Lewistown Field Office, at 406-538-1981 or by email Contact Mr. Brunkhorst if you wish to be added
to the mailing list.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This document provides notice that the BLM
intends to prepare an RMP with an associated EIS, for the Lewistown
Field Office and a portion of the Butte Field Office for public lands
located in northern Lewis and Clark County. This notice also announces
the beginning of the scoping process and seeks public input on issues,
planning criteria, and nominations for Areas of Critical Environmental
Concern (ACEC).
    The RMP/EIS will fulfill the needs and obligations set forth by
FLPMA, NEPA, and BLM management policies. The area to be covered under
the Lewistown RMP/EIS is located in the central part of Montana in
Petroleum, Fergus, Judith Basin, Chouteau, Cascade, Meagher, Teton,
Pondera, and northern Lewis and Clark counties. The Lewistown RMP
planning area comprises approximately 654,025 acres of BLM-managed
surface lands and 1,399,880 acres of BLM-administered Federal minerals.

    The BLM will work collaboratively with interested parties and
cooperating agencies to identify the management decisions that are best
suited to local, regional, tribal and national needs and concerns. The
public scoping process will identify, develop, and refine planning
issues and planning criteria, including an evaluation of the existing
RMP, in the context of the needs and interests of the public. Planning
issues and criteria will guide the planning process. Comments on issues
and planning criteria may be submitted in writing to the BLM at any
public scoping meeting or by using one of the methods listed above.
    Preliminary issues, management concerns and planning criteria have
been identified by BLM personnel and other agencies. This information
represents the BLM's knowledge to date regarding the existing issues
and concerns with current land management. The preliminary issues that
will be addressed in this planning effort include:
     Vegetation management (including noxious weeds and
invasive species management);
     Fish and wildlife habitat;
     Special status species;
     Recreation and visitor services;
     Forest management;
     Fire management (including issues related to the wildland
urban interface);
     Livestock grazing;
     Land tenure adjustment;
     Right-of-way corridors and land use authorizations;
     Minerals and energy development;
     Recreation management (including commercial special
recreation permits);
     Travel management and access;

     Opportunities to identify areas for regional mitigation
strategies; and
     Special management area designations, (including
nominations for ACECs and comments specific to existing ACECs and other
special designation areas).
    After public comments are gathered regarding issues the RMP/EIS
should address, they will be placed in one of three categories:
    1. Issues to be resolved in the RMP/EIS;
    2. Issues to be resolved through policy or administrative action;
    3. Issues beyond the scope of the RMP/EIS.
    Rationale will be provided in the RMP/EIS for each comment placed
in category two or three. In addition to

[[Page 7695]]

these major issues, a number of management questions and concerns will
be addressed in the RMP/EIS. The public is encouraged to help identify
these questions and concerns during the scoping phase.

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