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SHORT Public Comment Period for Glade Run Recreation Area (Chokecherry Canyon) Travel Management Plan   

The Farmington Field Office of the BLM has released the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Glade Run Recreation Area Recreation and Transportation Management Plan for public comment.  This a revised draft of the plan that was first released in March of last year.
The official notification of the 15-day public comment period was yesterday and public comments are due by midnight of February 20th.  published in the Albuquerque Journal today (Nov 22).  This is an unusually short comment period but they have already rejected NMOHVA's request for an extended public comment period.

Written comments must be submitted via mail to: 

BLM Farmington Field Office, 


Attention:  Janelle Alleman

6251 College Blvd, Suite A, Farmington, NM  87402. 

Comments may also be mailed electronically to:

Please put "GRRA R&TMP" in the subject line of the email.

NMOHVA has done a very brief preliminary review of the three alternatives.  Here is a very quick overview:

The Good:

The BLM now agrees that they have no authority to try and manage "user conflict".  This is hugely important as this was one of the primary drivers for the creation of the Recreational Management Zones (RMZ's).  This is a DIRECT RESULT of comments submitted on the first draft plan.  Congratulations!

The preferred alternative and Alternative B both contain at least 3,300 acres of "open" play area and official designation for dozens of the Cliffhanger's historic 4WD trails. 

The Bad:   

The preferred Alternative A includes closing 127.5 miles of existing routes.   

The preferred alternative (Alternative 1) and Alternative 3 still contain over six thousand of acres of "RMZ 1" which is focused on providing non-motorized recreation.

The RMZ 1 (Non-motorized) zone runs right down the center of the area with RMZ 2 (Motorized on designated routes) zones on both sides.  This appears to be an open invitation for continued agitation by the non-motorized users in the future.

Alternative C does not include an "open" area and recognizes very few of the Cliffhangers 4WD trails or the existing ATV and motorcycle trails.

We will defer to the local users of the Farmington area to provide feedback on the suitability and completeness of the trails designations for 4WD, ATV/UTV, and motorcycle single track trails.

Submit your comments now!  Again, time is of the essence as the comments are due by February 20th!
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