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Assessment Report of Santa Fe National Forest
« on: March 06, 2014, 03:50:02 am »
Assessment Report of Ecological, Economic and Social Conditions,
Trends and Sustainability for the Santa Fe National Forest

AGENCY: Santa Fe National Forest, Forest Service, USDA.

ACTION: Notice of initiating the assessment phase of the forest plan
revision for the Santa Fe National Forest.


SUMMARY: The Santa Fe National Forest (Forest), located in northern New
Mexico, is initiating the first phase of the forest planning process
pursuant to the 2012 National Forest System land management planning
rule. This process will result in a revised forest land management plan
(Forest Plan) which describes the strategic direction for management of
forest resources on the Santa Fe National Forest for the next ten to
fifteen years. The first phase of the process, the assessment phase, is
beginning on the Santa Fe National Forest and interested parties are
invited to contribute in the development of the assessment. The Forest
will be hosting public forums throughout April and May 2014 where we
will invite the public to share information relevant to the assessment
including existing information, current trends, and local knowledge.

DATES: Public meetings associated with the development of the
assessment are anticipated throughout April and May 2014 and will be
announced on our Web site and to
individuals and organizations on our mailing list. The assessment for
the Santa Fe National Forest is anticipated to be completed in early
2015. Following completion of the assessment, the Forest will initiate
procedures pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to
prepare and evaluate a revised forest plan.

ADDRESSES: Written correspondence can be sent to: Santa Fe National
Forest, Attn: Forest Plan, 11 Forest Lane, Santa Fe, NM 87508, or
emailed to

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jennifer Cramer, Forest Planner, Santa
Fe National Forest, 11 Forest Lane, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508. More
information on our plan revision process can be found on our Web site
at If you have questions or
would like to sign-up for our mailing list, you can email or call our Plan Revision number: 505-438-
5442. Individuals who use telecommunication devices for the deaf (TDD)
may call the Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1-800-877-8339
between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The National Forest Management Act (NFMA) of
1976 requires that every National Forest System (NFS) unit develop a
land management plan (LMP). On April 9, 2012, the Forest Service
finalized its land management planning rule (2012 Planning Rule, 36 CFR
291), which describes requirements for the planning process and the
content of the land management plans. Forest plans describe the
strategic direction for management of forest resources for ten to
fifteen years, and are adaptive and amendable as conditions change over

Read the full notice at....
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