Author Topic: Opponents to Ochoco OHV plan speak out in Prineville  (Read 1236 times)

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Opponents to Ochoco OHV plan speak out in Prineville
« on: June 18, 2014, 04:09:00 am »
Concerns about elk, streams and the amount of trails

By Dylan J. Darling / The Bulletin / @DylanJDarling

Published Jun 18, 2014 at 12:01AM

 PRINEVILLE A high-ranking U.S. Forest Service official Tuesday heard nearly three hours of objections to an Ochoco National Forest plan to create an off-highway vehicle trail system on Ochoco Summit.

The critiques of the plan came from a variety of voices hunters who want trails to stay away from elk, four-wheel drivers who want to see more miles of trail and conservationists who want streams protected. People living near the planned trail system and a state wildlife biologist also aired concerns about the plan. Nearly two dozen people spoke at the meeting, each given up to seven minutes to make their argument.

Now Maureen Hyzer, a deputy regional forester from Portland, will review written documents and notes from the Tuesday presentations before giving direction to Ochoco Supervisor Kate Klein on what to do next with the plan. The trail system is expected to cost $535,000 to create and will connect old roads and build new routes.

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