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Grand and San Juan Counties, UT
« on: July 18, 2014, 03:41:29 am »
Notice of Proposed Supplementary Rules for Public Lands Managed
by the Moab and Monticello Field Offices in Grand and San Juan
Counties, UT

AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of Proposed Supplementary Rules.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the Records of Decision (ROD) for the Moab
and Monticello Field Office Approved Resource Management Plans (RMP)
and associated Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), the Bureau of
Land Management (BLM) is proposing supplementary rules and requesting
comments. The proposed rules address conduct on BLM public land in
Grand County and San Juan County, Utah. The conduct addressed includes
the operation of motorized or mechanized vehicles, camping and
campfires, firewood and petrified wood collection, and the use of glass

DATES: Comments on the proposed supplementary rules must be received or
postmarked by September 16, 2014 to be assured of consideration.

ADDRESSES: Comments may be submitted by mail, hand delivery, or email
to the BLM Canyon Country District Office, Attention: Jason Moore, 82
East Dogwood Avenue, Moab, UT 84532, or The proposed
supplementary rules and approved RMPs are available for inspection at
the BLM Moab Field Office, located at 82 East Dogwood Avenue, Moab, UT;
the BLM Monticello Field Office, located at 435 North Main Street,
Monticello, UT; and, on the BLM Moab and Monticello Field Office Web
sites: and

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jason Moore, Supervisory Staff Law
Enforcement Ranger, 82 East Dogwood Avenue, Moab, UT 84532, 435-259-
2109, or Persons who use a telecommunications device
for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal Information Relay Service
(FIRS) at 1-800-877-8339 to leave a message or question with the above
individual. The FIRS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You
will receive a reply during normal business hours.

I. Public Comment Procedures
II. Background
III. Discussion
IV. Procedural Matters
V. Proposed Supplementary Rules for the BLM Moab Field Office and
the Monticello Field Office

I. Public Comment Procedures

    Written comments on the proposed supplementary rules must be sent
in accordance with the information outlined in the DATES and ADDRESSES
sections of this notice. The BLM is not obligated to consider comments
that are received after the close of the comment period (see DATES),
unless they are postmarked or electronically dated before the deadline;
or if the comments are delivered to an address other than that listed
above in ADDRESSES. Comments should be specific, confined to issues
pertinent to the proposed supplementary rules, and should explain the
reason for any recommended change. Where possible, comments should
reference the specific section or paragraph of the rule that the
comment is addressing.
    Comments, including names, addresses, and other contact information
of respondents, will be available for public review at the BLM Moab
Field Office, 82 East Dogwood Avenue, Moab, UT 84532, during regular
business hours (7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except
Federal holidays). Before including an address, telephone number, email
address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, be
aware that the entire comment, including personal identifying
information, may be made publicly available at any time. While you can
ask in your comment to withhold personal identifying information from public review, we cannot
guarantee that we will be able to do so.

II. Background

    In 2008, the BLM finalized RMPs for the Moab and Monticello Field
Offices. During the public planning and EIS processes, the BLM
identified the need to establish supplementary rules to provide for
visitor health and safety, and to protect the cultural and natural
resources on the BLM Moab and Monticello Field Office lands. The BLM
has recorded significant increases in visitation numbers and resulting
pressures on recreation areas and archaeological sites in the Moab and
Monticello areas. Therefore, the BLM has determined that these proposed
rules are necessary to protect visitor health and safety, prevent
natural and cultural resource degradation, and promote high-quality
outdoor recreation opportunities.

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