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10-7-14 Delegate's Call Review
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Tuesday evening, we conducted our 3rd Quarter Delegate's Call and I thought I'd post a few high highlights for those who couldn't attend.  Just to give a little reminder that all of UFWDA's meetings are conducted by online GoTo Meetings and Webinars for easy attendance.  Email Peter at and ask to be placed on our email list to receive notifications.  This was our first Delegate's Call since the new Board of Directors assumed their roles following AGM last June and the first I've had the pleasure to lead.  I hope I didn't sound too nervous.

I'm excited about the coming year!
We're busily making a number of changes in the background now to provide a firm foundation for improved performance from the organization in the future.

Good and bad news top my quick, by-no-means all-inclusive, list.

The bad news first:
We offer our most sincere thanks and heartfelt good byes to our Business Development Manager, Michelle Church.  She will be sorely missed.  Life is ever-changing and new challenges require her path turn in a differing direction than ours for now.  We wish her happiness and success in all she does in life.

For the good news, we warmly welcome Travis Howell as our new Business Development Manager.
Travis comes to us from the Denver Colorado area.  He holds a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing and has a strong resume to confirm his experience in the field.  We look forward to having him out at events, expanding our market!

There's more good news too.
We also warmly welcome Richard Hiltz as our new Membership Director.
Richard comes to us from Helena Montana where he also serves locally as President of the Frontier 4x4 Club – a full roster supporting member of the UFWDA.

These two gentlemen and the addition of another Coloradoan, Jerry Smith, as our Director of Environmental Affairs a few weeks ago has nearly filled in our Board and will greatly improve our ability to fulfill our mission over the next Term and beyond.

But wait, there's even more! (Said in the voice of those cheap, late-night TV commercials)

We are also switching servers and revamping our website and Forum pages in the background for release soon. We realize the forum has become stale and underutilized.  We're switching software, which necessitated the server upgrade, to increase its ease of use and provide additional functionality.  The new software will also allow us to upgrade our online Store functions.  We'll finally be able to properly address the variable shipping costs for the wide variety of sizes and weights of products we handle for our Membership.  This has been a silent thorn in our side for quite a long time.  It's just one of those little details that are currently being addressed in the background so that we can be more efficient with your resources in the future.

I gave Acting Treasurer, Bob DeVore, a hearty thank you for the many, many additional hours of work and all the extra head and heart aches suffered by the Huntington/BoA banking merger.  Bob had to update account numbers with ALL of our vendors and customers and see that the bills were paid during a bank-mandated shutdown period while they conducted the account transfers on the banks’ end.  Again, this all happened quietly in background and was necessitated by forces beyond our control, but builds toward a firm foundation for United.

Bob's oversight of our Budget has also yielded something the American Government seems incapable of accomplishing; a budget surplus for the year.  After going the extra mile the last couple of years getting our name out there and addressing pressing issues in Washington, it's time to put something back in the rainy-day account. Bob's carful administration of funds has given us the ability to do so.  Both of these important financial building blocks add a great deal to the future stability of United.

We also discussed a number of pending Land Use issues that have the potential to impact our sport in either a positive or negative way.  Rest assured that UFWDA will be working to influence the outcomes!  I found it interesting to note how many positive outcomes the 4x4 community has had lately.  We talked about success stories from around the US; Colorado, Montana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Maryland have all had movement in a positive direction.  It appears as though the pendulum of public opinion might be finally starting to shift back to a more access-oriented position.

As you’ve read, United is in the midst of many constructive changes.  We’ve new blood and enthusiasm on the Board, we’re improving the infrastructure of the organization, and I’m extremely optimistic about the future of both the organization and sport.

THANK YOU to all who attended the meeting and continue to invest your time, as well as your money, in 4x4 recreation!
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