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« on: November 10, 2014, 08:19:04 pm »
Hello all.  My name is Richard Hiltz and I am the new Membership Director for United Four Wheel Drive Associations.
If you have any questions, comments or need some assistance with your membership, please feel free to contact me at and I will be glad to help.

About me:  Of course I started out with a father who liked to hunt and fish so I got a good start.  Later, my assigned vehicle in the Army was a 1959 M38 Jeep.  When I got back from the military in '88 I purchased a 1974 CJ5 from my father and my off-roading began in earnest.  Oh how I wish I knew about airing down back then  I traveled the mountains around Boulder Montana-A LOT.  I did not join the clubs until 2009 though.  My first run with a 4x4 club was a snow run.  I had been driving in the snow for much of my life so I was certainly not concerned with a little of the white stuff now. Well, I was about to start learning what real wheeling is.  We were not driving "in" a foot or so of snow...we were traveling ON top of about 4 foot of it.  I thought I knew all about wheeling up until that moment.  I have been learning ever since.

I am currently the President of the Frontier 4x4 Club out of Helena Montana.  I am a member of the Continental Four Wheel Drive Association out of Butte Montana and a Member of the Beaverhead Backcountry Pioneers 4x4 club from Dillon Montana.  I am a past VP of the Montana 4x4 Association and am currently a delegate to them.
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Re: Hello!!
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Hello Richard!  Thank you for stepping up to the plate with United!
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