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By Jerry Smith
Director of Environmental Affairs
United Four Wheel Drive Associations

The “History” Channel has developed another “historical” reality TV epic that has been receiving a lot of attention in the various forums, FaceBook pages, and other sources lately.  Thankfully, nearly every comment is negative.

After several attempts to contact the producers of the show, the History channel, the Alaska BLM and USFS offices, all to no avail, it is finally time for the United Four Wheel Drive Associations to voice a total disdain for “Alaska Off-Road Warriors” and the perception of deranged, irresponsible individuals this “show” depicts.

As someone who is working on his 40th year to diligently cast an image and a physical reality of sound environmental stewardship of public lands, and the roads and trails we love so much… let me say that this is one sad day.

The depiction of Off-Highway use of our beloved Great American BackCountry sensationalized by this *&^%$ show is just simply appalling and about as far from “Reality” as one may go.

There are a million reasons we could state why watching this failed attempt of “entertainment” is revolting to any responsible human being, but for any responsible member of the 4-wheeling public, this is a total disregard of the way we act, the way we teach, and the way we live!!

Phrases we use and live by every time we go out wheeling tell a completely different story.

Tread Lightly!
Stay the Trail
Pack it in --- Pack it out
Leave No Trace
Leave it better than you found it

THIS is the image of the “true” Wheeling public.  This is “Reality”!

Check out the Tread Lightly! link:   This is a good example of what the “true” wheeling public acts like.

If you must entertain yourself with this kind of “Reality TV”, just remember it is NOT REALITY!!!  Don’t learn anything from this kind of behavior unless it is DO NOT DO IT!!!

Join any and all organizations that promote the “Real” reality of how to cherish and take special care of our Great American BackCountry.  You will benefit much more from living in REALITY than some sensationalized garbage on your wide screen TV.

Now… go out and enjoy a day in the Great American BackCountry.  Do it responsibly.  Enjoy the “REALITY” OF LIFE!!

And remember this:  When you come to a fork in the road ---- take it!!
Auckland Four Wheel Drive Club Inc, 4x4 Challenges NZ Inc, NZFWDA life member, Friends of 42 Traverse Inc.