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ND/SD - Dakotas Resource Advisory Council Nomination Period Open
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February 20, 2007   
Dakotas Resource Advisory Council Nomination Period Open 
The Bureau of Land Management is seeking nominations for positions on its Dakotas Resource Advisory Council (RAC). The RAC, established in 1995, covers North and South Dakota.
Nominations should be submitted to the BLM by April 2. A completed background information form (including specification of nomination category) and letter of reference from represented interests or organizations must be included for each nominee. The background information form is available on the internet at
The Federal Land Policy and Management Act directs the Secretary of the Interior to involve the public in the planning and management of the public lands administered by the BLM. "The RAC has been a very effective partner in helping resolve public lands issues that affect Dakotans’ quality of life," said Montana/Dakotas State Director Gene Terland.
The RAC has 15 members who serve staggered terms. The terms of five members from the Dakotas RAC expire in September 2007. Council membership must reflect a balanced representation of the various interests and users of the public lands. These include persons who represent the following categories:   
              Category 1 - holders of federal grazing permits; energy and mineral development; timber industry; transportation or rights-of-way; off-highway vehicle use; or commercial recreation;           
Category 2 – nationally or regionally recognized environmental organizations; dispersed recreation; archeological and historic interests; or wild horse and burro groups; and
            Category 3 - elected state, county or local government; employees of state agencies responsible for management of natural resources; Native American tribes; academicians involved in natural sciences; and the public-at-large.
Following are the categories for which the BLM is seeking nominations, by field area, for three-year terms beginning September 21, 2007. Nominations should be mailed to the appropriate field manager.
            Dakotas Resource Advisory Council: Two openings in Category 1, one opening in Category 2, and two openings in Category 3. Lonny Bagley, BLM North Dakota Field Manager, 99 23rd Avenue West, Suite A, Dickinson, ND, 58601 (701) 227-7700 or Marian Atkins, BLM South Dakota Field Manager, 310 Roundup Street, Belle Fourche, SD, 57717  (605) 892-7000.     
Nominees will be evaluated based on their education, training, experience, and knowledge of the issues and the geographical area of the council. Nominees should have demonstrated a commitment to collaborative resource decision making.