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Welcome to our world
« on: March 08, 2007, 07:27:15 am »
SO this must be the future of the route designation.  Here in Florida, we are in the midst of 3 ADPs.  The Ocala ADP is turning into such an exercise in futility.....

THe Phase I ADP is completed but no maps, except for the OHV (ATVs and Motorcycles) map.  But when we take the maps that are published on the USFS site and ride the trails that are marked on the map that (somewhat) coincide with the trails, we find (what we are referring to as) Yard Sale signs saying the trails are closed to prevent further resource damage.  Nice.

In addition to all this, several off roaders throughout the state have been ticketed in 2 of the 3 forests for "excess resource damage"without ever witnessing the resource damage, just presumptions because we have mud on our Jeeps (and yes they say, you're getting a ticket because you have mud on your Jeep). This past weekend, the ticket in my own club was a "no parking" ticket issued after a volunteer saddled up next to the guy outside one of the big campgrounds where the atvs hang out, kept him there by talking to him until a ranger arrived to issue the ticket.  A poorly marked No Parking area at that.

So dear friends, the FS has its marching orders and the order are to harass the off road community out of the forest.  Pardon me while I go barf now.


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Re: Welcome to our world
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2007, 12:30:17 pm »

I understand the plight.  We are starting to see similar issues in other areas.

I do have a short window of opportunity to get information like this into the national OHV magazines.

See my post in this forum about Lost Trails.

Bascially, I need some SPECIFIC trail name, length, date and reason for closure information.

If there is no specific trail, at least a count of the number of acres.

I have tried to pinpoint some information through various agency plans.  The task is large as there are 26 BLM management plnas in California alone.  California also has 19 national forest and there are about 155 national forests nation-wide.

You have cited that Ocala has been loosing trails.  Can you provide any more definitve data?

As you have been involved with those issues for awhile, anything you can provide will speed the research effort and provide Primedia with some specific data to work with.