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CO - Forest Plan Revision
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Forest management is guided by direction from a forest plan. The current plan was developed in the early 1980s. By law, forest plans must be revised every 15 years. The GMUG has begun the process of updating or revising the forest plan. Some direction in the current plan may still be valid; some may not. The planning team is reviewing current plan direction, listening to the communities and incorporating the latest science to revise the plan.

A forest plan does not make project-level decisions. It provides the framework within which project decisions can be made on a case-by-case and site-specific basis. "What a Forest Plan Does and Does Not Do" displays what types of decisions are made, and not made, within a forest plan.

Proposed Forest Plan (March 2007)

Next steps from Proposed to Final Forest Plan
Proposed Plan release
90-day comment period
Adjustments and modifications to Proposed Plan
Final Forest Plan
30-day objection period
Plan decision / NEPA documentation
Plan implementation
Monitoring and evaluation
Adaptive Management