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SEMA eNews, Vol. 10, No. 13 – March 28, 2007

How Female Enthusiasts Are Accessorizing the Vehicles They Drive

Vehicle-buyer demographics often provide a valuable tool when marketing specialty-equipment products.  Knowing whether men or women buy certain cars or trucks may provide a clue as to whether those vehicles will get accessorized by their owners. The Jeep Patriot, for example, is said to appeal more to males because of its Jeep Cherokee resemblance with its sharp edges, whereas the more rounded Jeep Compass is seated more often by female drivers, according to a recently published Auto Week article.

Power Information Network data showed that more men than women purchased the Jeep Patriot (57% versus 43%) and more women purchased the Jeep Compass (51% versus 49%) during the first two months of this year. However, the women that purchased the Patriot were slightly younger (the median age was 39) than those that purchased the Jeep Compass (the median age was 42). Both vehicles ride on the same platform but were built to deliberately appeal to separate vehicle-buyer demographics.

SEMA research shows that nearly three out of four (68%) female automotive enthusiasts who accessorize their vehicles are under the age of 40. The highest percentage of these women drivers purchased tinting (41.1%) and alarm systems (40.2%), but they also purchased stereo amplifiers (35.2%), wheels (31.4%) and exhaust kits (30.4%). Knowing that a younger demographic of women drive one type of Jeep vehicle over another shows that although more women drive the Jeep Compass, those who are driving a Jeep Patriot probably tend to accessorize it more often.

During the first two months of this year, sales for the Jeep Compass were 8,036 units, whereas sales for the Jeep Patriot were 819 units.

Source: “Jeep’s Fender Gender-Bender,” Auto Week,; SEMA Research and Information Center