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I don't know if there is any effort being put forth with our neighbors to the north but as Michigan is a border state with Canada GLFWDA members recreate there often.We personally have been going there for 28 years. The area is just north of Sault Saint Marie, Ontario or to put it graphically, hold your hand's right at the tip of your middle finger!
Algoma Headwaters is a conglomerate of 60,000 hectares in 4 distinct Parks. They just released Master Plan and we have until April 26th to make final comment.
While the number of receating users in this remote region is minimal, portions of it reach as far south as Searchmont, Ontario and extend almost 250 miles north into the remote parts of Ontario.
The disturbing part of this plan is that the recreational use has been confined to what would be construed a class 1 roads, or roads capable of sustaining 30mph traffic and have minimum of 100 yds sight distance. Effectively eliminating all 4X4 opportunities. There are also omission of some major roads that cross the major tributary of Goulias River. While the MNR personally understand the need for this crossing, they have posted MNR (Ministery of Natural Resources) CO's and the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) at stragetic points and have pulled numerous groups over and warned them of the impending infractions of crossing the river at the long established ford's, or designated crossing that have been used for 50 or more years.
While we agree with protecting the enviroment and minimizing impact of our use, the MNR has had little resistance to wholesale closing of existing forest roads. Most of the locals just tell us, we're going to just continue going where  we've always gone, this won't impact us at all.
The long term effect this has is our recreation habits and usage has finally affected our neighbors to the north.
There is very little if any organized 4X4 organizations in this region of Canada. The few individuals there are less than organized and simple don't understand the size of the hammer that has just fallen.
More info is suppose to can be found here:

However, the link does not appear to work.

Additional information is suppose to be available from:

I have e-mailed them and am waiting for a reply for the electronic info. I have a hard copy as we had commented previously on the draft but none of our concerns were addressed.

My question is to Carla, what should we do here? I fear that this will have long term effects for our Canadian friends but as of yet, no one is organized enough in that area to really care.

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Re: Algoma Headwaters Management Plan released, (the closures begin)
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Jim, the planning link you provided works for me.  I'll need to review the documents there to know what can be done.

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