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For residents of Neveada, the below information about SB434 is important.


Susan and all,   
         As the president of the Motorcycle Racing Association of Nevada an organization representing thousands of Nevada OHV users I feel a MRAN member should be appointed to the committee of 12. We also work closely with BLM to obtain Special Use Permits for events on public lands, have been instrumental in actively informing the public about the mandatory use of spark arrestors, help map trails, already have an active safety program for our younger riders, have a website with thousands of users to get information to OHV community, 30+ years of experience in OHV use. I think our organization would be a very logical choice to represent OHV users on this committee.
     You also need to call PIC, Dunes and Trails, MRANN, Best in the Desert, SNORE, SCORE, TRAC-ON, ETC. These are the! real organized OHV groups in Nevada and these are the groups that volunteer time and money to build trails, clean the desert and pay money to have EA's and NEPA studies completed by the BLM to clear trails for use by all OHV users. These groups together probably represent 10,000 OHV users.   
         I make no apologies for being of topic as I feel I am right on topic if the OHV community in Nevada wants a program that benefits them.
     It is time to start a new organization NAOHVU (Nevada Association of Off Highway Vehicle Users) a group made up of OHV users and established OHV groups that could bring OHV users all under 1 umbrella and give us a strong voice in politics and with any luck get OHV users elected to state and federal offices where we could finally be in control of our future. If the OHV community ever puts aside its petty differences and organizes they would be unstoppable. Lets not make the same mistakes as other states and wait to long to organize.
Zack Livreri

Elise McAllister <> wrote:
HI Susan and Everyone,
Thanks for this info Susan; it does mak! e a lot of sense to get everyone together for a meeting; I am not sure I can make it on the 23rd—but I sure would like to be there and will try hard to do so.  Thank you for all your help and coordination efforts to date; coordination of all of us OHVers in a huge state is tough and it certainly would help if we could get together and start a State OHV organization (outside any government structure) like other states have.  We would be much more effective on this issue and many other issues where we all share common ground.  When Gary and Sallie organized the OHV workshop several years ago, OHV registration and a State OHV program were the topics; I would hope that whatever happens with this bill, that we can somehow all come together and form a state OHV program—anyway, I didn’t mean to get off topic.  I think a meeting w/ everyone is a good idea; thanks for trying to get that set up and I will try to be there.  Elise
Elise McAllister
Partners In Conservation

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Cathymay (and others),
SB434 is not done yet. The action taken yesterday was done just to keep it alive to get it out of Senate Transportation before today's deadline. The senators on the committee had all told me they wanted to keep the bill alive but were bothered by the balance, or lack thereof, on the advisory committee.  They said on the record that they wanted to move the bill forward to give us a chance to continue working on it.  We are trying to pull together a meeting of representatives of all the stakeholders on April 23 in Carson City.  I am still confident we can find a solution that we like and that we can get the State agencies and the "conservation" groups to like as well.
Wait until we see what comes out of the meeting on the 23rd before you pull your support. If after that time you don't like whatever the group comes up with, then formally pull your support.  This is a work in progress and at no time during the course of this particular bill this particular legislative session have we gotten everyone to sit at the table to work on it together.
I remain optimistic that it will get back to something you can support.
Susan Fisher
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I no longer support this bill with the changes that took place. It has been severly corrupted with the removal of 9 & 10. It gives nothing to the OHV community except for a new FEE.
I will fight this bill beginning NOW.  What a sorry turn of events on something that could have been so responsible and good for Nevada.  I will continue my registrations in Idaho and annual buying of California and Utah stickers rather than pay Nevada for absolutely nothing useful.  Too bad Maggie Carlton got her two cents worth involved. She can forget my vote.

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I didn't get out of my hearing yesterday until about 4:30 and when I went over to the Legislature the bill had already been heard, I was told with no action.
Any insight on what took place or whether it will make it out of committee by this Friday's deadline?&nbs! p; Thanks.

Susan Fisher <susan@susanlfisher. net> wrote:
Several people have asked for some guidance in writing letters to
legislators. Feel free to copy & paste or just use this as a guide then add your own "voice" or personal experience:


RE: SB434 - Off Highway Vehicle Registration Program

Dear Senator ___________ (once the bill passes the Senate and moves
to the Assembly, you will need to change this to "Dear Assemblyman
________" or "Assemblywoman ________"),

You will soon hear testimony on SB434, a bill to register Off Highway
Vehicles (OHV) in the State of Nevada. Please accept this letter as
indication of my strong support for the bill as introduced.

I enjoy and support responsible OHV activities and am in favor of
SB434 as it will help people like me continue to enjoy the sport.
SB434 provides for registration and titling of OHVs which will help
with recovery in the event of theft. It will also provide funding for
an OHV Pro gram which will support public education on appropriate
use, mapping and signage of existing trails, trail maintenance and
other matters as approved by a committee of appropriately selected

Please support the over 400,000 OHV users in the State of Nevada with
your YES vote on SB434 as it was introduced.


____________ ___
email or phone