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Stories of the Alaska Region Forest Service Now on the Web

JUNEAU, Alaska- What all does the Alaska Region Forest Service do? Now the public can take a look inside the agency’s wide-reaching projects and activities by visiting a new, visually stunning electronic version of the region’s magazine, SourDough Notes, on the Web.

Up until now, SourDough Notes has been an internal, black and white, printed publication for employees and individual subscribers such as libraries, the media and other organizations.

The new electronic SourDough Notes will allow the Alaska Region to reach a broader audience and to publish in color. Through the electronic version, the Forest Service will share stories from Alaska’s two national forests—the Tongass and Chugach—and beyond.

Here’s just a peek at what is on the Web right now:

o Go to Rio de Janeiro with Tongass ecologist Rick Turner on a search for the critically endangered plant, the Empress of Brazil—found only in mountains north of the city
o See photos of a new fungus discovered on the Chugach National Forest
o Get ready for the Chugach National Forest Centennial Celebration
o Mendenhall icebergs for KTOO radio staff
o What is the strategy for bears and anglers to coexist on the Russian River?

Find these stories and more at:, or go to the Alaska Region home page at , and click on “Popular Topics.” 

In coming months, visitors to the electronic SourDough Notes can expect fresh stories and interactive features that will allow the reader to respond to authors, express opinions, ask questions, write letters to the editor and respond to polls.

The Alaska Region will continue to print a hard copy version of the magazine, but in fewer copies.