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SEMA Action Network Newsletter - May 2007
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SEMA Action Network
Driving Force - May 2007

To view the newsletter as it was printed,  click here for the low resolution version (994KB) or click here for the high resolution version

To view the newsletter as it was printed,  click here for the low resolution version (994KB) or click here for the high resolution version (4MB).




Note: The following state bills are not laws. They were recently introduced and are currently under consideration by the respective state legislatures:


Nevada AB 411: Creates special license plates and registration certificates for historic vehicles, defined as manufactured at least 40 years before the application date. Provides for a one-time fee of $50 and exempts these vehicles from inspections/emissions.

Oregon HB 3527: Defines a “racing-activity vehicle” and provides them with certain equipment exemptions if they are fitted with original manufacturer’s equipment and accessories or their equivalent and are maintained in safe operating conditions.


Arkansas HB 2466: Sets clean car standards to reduce effects of global warming.

Hawaii HR 83/HCR 105: Recommends the adoption of California vehicle-emissions standards.

Maine LD 1168: Prohibits a person from registering a new motor vehicle unless the person proves that the vehicle is a California-emissions-certified vehicle.

Massachusetts SB 1409: Exempts low-emissions vehicles from maintenance and emissions inspections.

Nevada AB 481: Requires adoption of California emissions standards for model year 2010 and after. Prohibits registration or transfer of vehicles that don’t meet standards. Creates tax exemptions for first five years for fuel-efficient vehicles.

Nevada SB 161: Provides exemptions from emissions inspection for vehicles registered for three years or less and for hybrid vehicles.

New Jersey AB 4113/SB 745: Provides a sales-tax exemption for partial zero-emissions vehicles, and imposes a tax surcharge on higher-polluting vehicles.

North Carolina SB 509: Increases amount of time allowed for a vehicle to get re-inspected following a failure from 30 to 60 days.

North Carolina SB 1307/HB 1179: Establishes the North Carolina Low-Emissions Vehicle Program.

Pennsylvania HB 564: Exempts hybrids from periodic vehicle inspections.

Rhode Island HB 6204/SB 906: Allows state police officials to perform roadside emissions inspections.


Pennsylvania SB 543: Restricts businesses from modifying/altering a vehicle in a way that would violate inspection laws without notifying them of the potential violation.

Texas HB 3832: Prohibits the use of television receivers in view of the driver while a vehicle is in motion.


Massachusetts HB 2983: Provides incentives for the purchase and use of alternative-fuel vehicles.

New York SB 3947: Exempts the sale of hybrid and high-efficiency vehicles from state sales and compensating use taxes.

Ohio SB 107: Creates a tax credit for individuals who purchase a new hybrid vehicle.

South Carolina HB 3649: Allows sales-tax rebate for the purchase of certain fuel-efficient vehicles.


California AB 468: Defines the term “abandoned vehicle” as a vehicle with the following conditions: missing the engine or other parts necessary for operation, a flat tire, trash/debris in or around vehicle, leaking fluids, cobwebs around tires or a registration tag expired for six months or more.

North Carolina HB 509: Affects the regulation of abandoned or junked motor vehicles in the towns of Ayden, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville and Spring Lake, and the cities of Eden, Greensboro, High Point and Reidsville.

Tennessee HB 430/SB 930: Authorizes local governments to enforce an ordinance that permits the removal of abandoned and junked motor vehicles as an exception to the state law, which requires the consent of a person who has acquired any interest in the vehicle prior to removal.


Florida SB 2890: Requires manufacturers to provide vehicle owners with access to information necessary to repair a motor vehicle.

Maine LD 1210: Requires a manufacturer to provide owner or repair facilities with information necessary to repair a motor vehicle.

Nevada SB 379: Requires manufacturers to supply information to repair/service vehicles manufactured after 1994.

Texas SB 1371: Requires manufacturers to provide access to motor-vehicle key information.


Alabama HB 175: Requires each off-road vehicle owner to obtain a certificate of title for each vehicle.

Nevada SB 434: Requires OHV owners to apply for a certificate of title after January 1, 2008, within 30 days of ownership. Also requires a certificate of operation for OHVs and prohibits operation without a certificate.


Massachusetts SB 1411: Allows police in the city of Taunton to impound vehicles for illegal drag racing.


New York SB 3463: Requires dealers to sell a new passenger vehicle with the option for a full-size spare if the vehicle comes equipped with a compact spare.


Maine SB 646: Authorizes state police officials to examine window tinting to determine compliance with tinting laws.

New York AB 6404: Provides for window-tinting standards of no less than 90% light transmittance and appropriates money for meters for testing by police.

North Carolina HB 965/SB 1217: Creates a window-tint certification process and requires vehicles with after-factory tint to have a certificate of compliance attached to the vehicle.

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