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Wild West Off Road Earth Day Cleanup
« on: April 28, 2006, 10:43:56 pm »
On April 23 of Earth Day weekend, the Wild West Off Roaders hosted Second Annual Clean Up at the Grand View Sand Wash featuring free food and a chance for free prizes for everyone that attended.  The event was co-hosted with the Mountain Home ATV Club.  Over 100 attendees included members of Idaho Off Road 4x4 Club, High Desert Off Road of Southern Idaho, Idaho State 4x4 Association, Wild West Off Road Club and the Mountain Home ATV Club.

Chris Bowman, President of the WWOR stated, "It was amazing to me how well everyone took to their own niche in the cleanup. Some rode on four wheelers and picked up the large items and trash bags.  Some walked through the sage and bagged up the trash. And some of us event did a little swimming to make sure we got everything we could!

I would like to give a HUGE thanks to the members of WWOR, HDO, Idaho Off Road, and the Mountain Home ATV club. I would also like to thank the representatives from United Four Wheel Drive and the Idaho State Association for their involvement."

In the matter of a few hours, participants managed to completely fill the metal dumpster and one trash dumpster. The second trash dumpster ended up about 2/3 full by the end of the day.  In all, almost 11,000 pounds of trash was collected.

And, participants consumed 96 hamburgers, 150 hot dogs, countless waters and sodas, and some other side dishes.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who showed up and participated in the clean up. You gave your time and effort to help make a dent in the amount of trash in that area.  And, you showed BLM that we can do great things to help the areas that we wheel. WWOR has vowed to partner up with the local ATV club for future cleanups and activities.

Unfortunately, this 300 acre area is part of Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.  The area is a great place play area for ATVs and dirt bikes and it is a popular target shooting area. While future access may be in question, this type of activity by dedicated wheelers is positive display of their care and concern for the environment.