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Support for Motorized Recreation at Truckhaven
« on: April 28, 2006, 10:51:13 pm »
Motorized recreation at Truckhaven is in danger of being stopped. Please take a moment and send the below message to the Governor and your Sate Senator and Assembly Member.

You can email the Governor from:


Dear Governor:

I am writing to request your support for a prospective land purchase by California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) and commit those lands for motorized recreation under management by the Off Highway Motorized Vehicle Recreation Division of DPR. I urge you to support purchase of those lands for the purpose of expanding the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area (OWSVRA).

The land proposed for purchase is located in the region commonly known as Truckhaven, which is located in the northwest quadrant of Imperial County, near the town of Salton City on the northwest shore of the Salton Sea.

The entire area is approximately 90 square miles of desert land that has been used for motorized recreation for over 50 years.

From a historical perspective, that region was slated for development during the 1950ís. At that time, off highway recreation began growing in popularity. Truckhaven was found to be an ideal location for the emerging 4x4 recreation market. In 1964, the Tierra del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club of San Diego began hosting their annual Desert Safari event in the Truckhaven area. At Desert Safari 2006, 1550 participating vehicles were registered with an estimated overall attendance of over 15,000 people. This event has been growing at the rate of 10 percent per year.

In addition to the major off-highway recreation events, the area is a popular destination from October through April for 4x4 recreationists from throughout southern California and Arizona. On any given weekend, visitation can exceed 600 vehicles and over 3000 people. On holiday weekends, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas-New Years, visitation exceeds 10,000 recreationists.

The surrounding communities of Desert Shores, West Shores, and Salton City are retirement communities. Over the years, motorized recreation visitation to the region has provided a significant economic input to the local communities. The local community supports recreation activities because the recreationists support the local community. Without recreation, many local businesses would not be open. Motorized recreation is an important economic event for the local community.

Together, these events, plus the seasonal weekend visitation, support gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores in the region. Without the economic stimulus from recreation, the region would have trouble meeting local citizen needs.

As mentioned, the Trust for Public Lands holds purchase option for approximately 4000 acres of private lands in the region and discussions have begun with DPR for a land acquisition. I encourage you to support efforts to acquire the land title for the historic use of motorized recreation as an extension of the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area.

Thank you for your continuing support.