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UFWDA Needs Volunteers!
« on: May 15, 2006, 11:12:32 am »
So you wonder what UFWDA Does?  Thought you could make a differene or do a better job?  UFWDA NEEDS YOU FOR 2006-2007 and beyond!

Exciting and rewarding volunteer leadership opportunities are waiting for YOU at United Four Wheel Drive Associations

UFWDA is managed by an all volunteer Board of Directors, wheelers just like you, who come from all walks of the four wheel world.  From stock rigs and simple trail machines to all out competition vehicles, the members of the board understand who you are, what you do, and want to work with you to extend four wheeling and protect our future opportunities.

UFWDA is the world's largest all-brand global voice for four wheel drive motor vehicle owners!  Now is the time to be a part of this international team of leaders!

There are openings for the 2006 election year on the board of directors.

UFWDA needs YOU to bring your time and talents to the UFWDA Board of Directors.

The President at UFWDA is responsible for leading the 9-member board.  In this position you will use your organizational, time management, and people skills to assist each board member to complete their volunteer assignments on time and to keep UFWDA moving down the trail ahead.   If you have organized clean-ups, conducted club meetings, or kept a house full of people on time and on-the-go, you have the skill it takes to be President of UFWDA - this is the perfect position for you!

The Secretary at UFWDA is responsible for typing a record of the important things discussed at the meetings and conference calls.   In this position you will use your keyboarding, letter-writing or word processing, listening, and organizational skills to take notes and e-mail them to the board, type up an agenda for the President and e-mail it to the board before each meeting, keep a current copy of UFWDA by-laws and Standard Operating Procedures in the existing UFWDA corporate book.  One of the most enjoyable parts of this position is working with the UFWDA office manager as a liason to the board for any questions, feedback, or requests from our home office. If you have typed a paper for school, used a computer keyboard or word processing software for work, or taken notes at a meeting, you are perfect for this position!

The Director of Environmental Affairs (Dir. of E.A.) is responsible for serving the needs of the UFWDA membership on state-related land use issues.

This includes maintaining the UFWDA e-mail contact list of members interested in land use issues, posting information to the list from our land use partners such as the SEMA Action Network, a network of state-related hobby issues led by the government relations department at the Specialty Equipment Market Association in Washington, D.C.  The Dir. of E.A. also coordinates volunteer conservation programs at UFWDA  such as the prestigious Conservation Volunteer Award.  This position serves as the conduit for between members, organizations, land management agencies, and others with our most important asset at UFWDA - information!  In this position you will use your computer communication skills such as e-mail and internet forum posting, your ability to take out the key items from land use issues to highlight what's important and what actions need taken, and your open-mindedness to face new circumstances that face four wheel drive access.

The Dir. of E.A. is synonymous with Chief Information Officer at UFWDA!

The Director of Public Relations (Dir. of P.R.) is responsible for spreading the word about what we are what we do for our members and for the betterment of four wheeling world-wide.  This position is great for the person that loves variety. In this position you will use your easy-going personality and your love of meeting new people.   Marketing the good work of UFWDA can be done through vehicle-specific internet forums, through electronic chat rooms, through UFWDA E-news, through UFWDA's Voice, or by attending premier enthusiast events.  UFWDA evaluates our ability to attend a myriad of enthusiasts events each and every year and your travel to these events is paid for by UFWDA.  UFWDA has a phenomenal and growing in-house marketing program to assist you with every detail of this position, including computer generated press releases and indoor and outdoor booth kits second-to-none for exemplifying who we are and what we do.   If you love to talk four wheel drive trails, four wheel drive vehicles, four wheel drive parts, and United Four Wheel Drive, this is the perfect position for you!

The Director of Membership is responsible for using our UFWDA membership numbers to focus our attention on those areas and those people where it makes the most sense from time to time and year to year.   Our home office takes care of tracking membership numbers so you don't have to - leaving the fun tasks of recruiting and reporting membership changes to you!  This position helps steer UFWDA programs to meet the needs of our members and our member organizations.  If you are the type of person that loves solving mechanical problems with your vehicle, figuring out "who done it" on your favorite mystery show, or keeping track of the fuel efficiency of your rig (come on admit it - you keep one of those little black mpg/fix-it logs), you'll have a ball as Dir. of Membership!  UFWDA prides itself on bringing people together from all across the globe to learn from others work and share ideas that help build strong clubs, strong organizations, and a strong UFWDA.  The Dir. of Membership for UFWDA is THE go-to person for people wanting membership information!

Here are a few more things you need to know in addition to the fun tasks listed for each specific position above.

~  UFWDA embraces all the technology of our time, relying heavily to communicate amongst the board by e-mail and phone conference - this
makes it fast and easy for you to stay in touch.
~  Each board member has a unique e-mail address assigned to them.
~  You get to read e-mail from people all around the globe.
~  UFWDA utilizes user-friendly call-in board meetings for periodic board conference calls.
~  A face-to-face weekend board meeting is held several times each year.
~  You'll get to give a presentation of your accomplishments at the UFWDA annual meeting each year.
~  It will only take a couple hours a week on the board of UFWDA to make a difference felt around the world.
~  The travel expenses for meetings and phone expenses for conference calls are all reimbursed by UFWDA.

Are YOU Interested?
Do you know someone perfect for these positions?

It's simple to apply.  All you have to do is send your name, address, telephone number and a message that says which board of director position you're interested in filling. Or send the same information about someone else you feel would be great at this.  We'll take care of the rest.  Send your message to the Vice President of UFWDA at before July 1, 2006.

It doesn't cost you a dime but the rewards of working on the board of a very successful non-profit organization and working to secure our four wheeling future are immeasurable.
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