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Truckhaven Update
« on: May 25, 2006, 10:02:50 pm »

As reported, the acquisition of property in Truckhaven for inclusion in Ocotillo Wells SVRA was approved by the OHMVR Commission.

There are several steps still to be completed:

1.  The acquisition needs to be approved by the State Parks and Recreation Commission.
2.  Upon transfer of the property, there will be an interim management plan.
3.  Over the course of several years, a final management plan for the area will be developed.

In preparation for the interim management plan, I am asking for historical records of recreation activities in the Truckhaven area.

Needed are:

Pictures displaying 4x4 (or OHV) recreation.  The best pictures are 10 or more years old with the older the better.

Maps displaying routes.  Again, the older the better.  Ideally, someone may have an old topo with marks on it.

If anyone has any information fitting this criteria, please have them contact me.

I am attempting to arrange a meeting where these materials can be presented as supporting documentation for the interim management plan.

At this meeting, the existence of the pictures and maps will be acknowledged and copies produced.  The owner of the pictures and maps will retain possession of the originals.

The intent is to identify as many routes as possible in Truckhaven to have been in existence for more than 10 years.  Again, the older the better.

There is a pending need for volunteers to assist with documenting the routes in Truckhaven this summer.

I do not have confirmed dates other than the interim management plan must be ready by mid-September.

This is a request for information that is going out to several southern California clubs.  In the San Diego area, San Diego Off Road Coalition, Tierra del Sol, Outbacks, CORVA, and SD 4 Wheelers are direct recipients.

Feel free to distribute to others you believe may have information that can help.

I can be reached via email ( or phone (619-508-8840).