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They have a date listed of Jan below.  I suspect that is the wrong month listed, and they have July and August dates listed prior to that.
I tried to email the forest supervisor, and got a server error from their server. 
I suspect this date is supposed to by July 8th, and that happens to be today.

The RAC meeting I went too, was two days.  The first day was where they discussed internal issues, and other things of concern.  Both days are normally open to the public, but they really only publish the last date for public comments.


[Federal Register: July 3, 2007 (Volume 72, Number 127)]
[Page 36419]
From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access []

                                                Federal Register

This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER contains documents other than rules
or proposed rules that are applicable to the public. Notices of hearings
and investigations, committee meetings, agency decisions and rulings,
delegations of authority, filing of petitions and applications and agency
statements of organization and functions are examples of documents
appearing in this section.


[[Page 36419]]


Forest Service

Notice of Resource Advisory Committee Meeting

AGENCY: Modoc Resource Advisory Committee, Alturas, California, USDA
Forest Service.

ACTION: Notice of meeting.


SUMMARY: Pursuant to the authorities in the Federal Advisory Committees
Act (Pub. L. 92-463) and under the Secure Rural Schools and Community
Self-Determination Act of 2000 (Pub. L. 106-393) the Modoc National
Forest's Modoc Resource Advisory Committee will meet Monday, July 9,
and August 13, 2007 in Alturas, California
for business meetings. The
meetings are open to the public.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The business meeting January 8th begins at 4
p.m., at the Modoc National Forest Office, Conference Room, 800 West
12th St., Alturas, CA 96104. Agenda topics will include existing and
future projects that meet the intent of Public Law 106-393. Time will
also be set aside for public comments at the beginning of the meeting.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Contact Stan Sylva, Forest Supervisor
and Designated Federal Officer, at (530) 233-8700; or Grants
Coordinator Dina McElwain at (530) 233-8723.

Stanley G. Sylva,
Forest Supervisor.
 [FR Doc. E7-12814 Filed 7-2-07; 8:45 am]


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